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  1. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    Should come standard with 33's on 24's since that's the type that wants it. Lol
  2. Speakers drop out in 2021 Wrangler

    Phone plugged in playing audio from it? I've had a similar issue, blame Uconnect.
  3. AEV 2.5 Rear Track Bar “Tower” Bracket

    Those GEO brackets on the AEV kit are a pain. I installed one on both JK's I had, really like the one piece versions like Rancho better, less fiddling. In the end though the AEV I had on my '13 Sahara rode really nice. Congrats both you guys for doing it yourself. I like folks of the built not...
  4. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    Mother of God WHY? What type of person says I want the most horsepower possible in the worst handling vehicle possible? There are too many reasons why that is a bad idea to list.
  5. Lift kit installed, side to side difference exaggerated

    Can't believe a company that calls their lift kit the most complete didn't bother to have side specific rear springs. Even budget lift kits do for the most part.
  6. Lift kit installed, side to side difference exaggerated

    Most lift kits allow for the gas tank by having a taller passenger side spring. Was their a left and right rear spring?
  7. Alloy vs. Steel bumpers

    There is a compromise you should consider. The stamped steel type like Rugged Ridge Arcus, factory Mopar steel, and others. They have light weight and are durable, and in the case of the Rugged Ridge are fairly reasonably priced.
  8. AEV 2.5 Rear Track Bar “Tower” Bracket

    I'm of the "special" variety from time to time when wrenching. I've found out over the years you should walk away and come back to it after a break. Works in most cases.
  9. wiper blades short life

    20k? Just put RainX on mine at 5500 miles. Replace wife's Regal GS blades every 10k. Wipers have a hard life.
  10. DynoMax muff. delete, still don't love the sound. Suggestions?

    Find your local muffler shop, a BIG muffler(Borla,Magnaflo) and have them replace the resonator with it. That is the poor mans Borla Touring Climber.
  11. Less expensive propane tanks

    They aren't cheap, check Home Depot or a Menard's if one is close.
  12. Oil analysis after dealership put Rotella T6 oil in my 3.0

    I used the Pennzoil Euro as specified at the time in my '14 GC 3.0 then about 2 years in they changed spec to the Rotella T6 so ran it for the last 3 years I had it. Had about 150k on it when traded and was a quiet as it was when new. Never considered the T6 an inferior oil.
  13. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    This. It's better than my 2013 Sahara Alpine, but not worth what they charge. The 8 inch display however is nice and I'll stay with it when I rip out all the other garbage.
  14. What modifications can I do to not affect the warranty?

    All the diesels sit like the Rubicons, so they will be taller than a gas Sport. The Mopar lift is available for the diesel and if warranty is a worry could be the option. As was stated even a small lift will look odd without at least 35's. Wouldn't even consider the Mopar lift if new tires were...
  15. Thoughts? JLR 2-dr 6sp Suspension

    MC lift be a good choice, would consider Clayton Overland as an option. Fox shocks be great, unless you just want adjustability then the 2.0 would be fine and cheaper. I question your tire choice if your driving 3-6 hours to a trail, an all terrain might be better. Driveshaft is a definite...
  16. How much????? Insanity

    Yep, the 392 Rubi will be pushing 80k if not over.
  17. Can you disable the function that puts your Jeep in park when door is opened?

    You sound like you did a Youtube video of dancing out your car door.
  18. Can you disable the function that puts your Jeep in park when door is opened?

    We can probably thank the brain dead morons that would get out of the car and dance for this nanny BS.
  19. Help with rear bumper choice?

    Took a month for a reply yet you still thought this would be a good company to buy a product from. :facepalm: