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  1. 8.4" Infotainment or Stinger 10" head unit upgrade?

    Maybe it was installed upside down by the install shop - prolly Best Buy tech service.
  2. Just ordered my 392!

    Just had a coworker find a 93 Ford Mustang Cobra with 12k miles on Craigslist for $13,000. He ran Carfax and it was clean, was skeptical. Met the seller and the car was mint. Title in hand. He now has it back up for sale for $42,000. Two parties working with him now. Wish I had his luck.
  3. Just ordered my 392!

    Man I won’t even order fast food unless I know the price. You guys and gals out there ordering with no official price - YOLO I suppose.
  4. Death wobble, also 3rd gear feels strange sometimes

    It your transmission a manual? I also have what feels like power surges and losses in 3rd gear with my manual.
  5. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    $38,600 before tax and title on a New JLUR. Only option was cold weather package which is what I was wanting. MSRP was somewhere around $46k. Missouri dealer.
  6. Are you a good driver?

    Believe I am a good driver because: I have not caused any accidents in my 24 years of driving. I have been rear ended twice and saw them both coming - unfortunately I couldn’t exit my situation both times. Key to being a good driver - situational awareness and always understanding what...
  7. Never buy JT or else!!!!

    Doesn’t it look like the hood got stomped on?
  8. Never buy JT or else!!!!

    And the top remained intact... must have not cheated too bad.
  9. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    I also have an inside source who isn’t working on this project but did work on the TRX. He also confirmed this was probably happening and he is on the list to get one as soon as they’re ready. He said the word is late spring 21, they are working on just a couple issues now but did not know what...
  10. LED Headlight Fail - Winter Driving

    I had the JW Speaker heated lens 8700’s in my JK and never had issues with building up snow ever. Wet sloppy snow or dry light snow. So for those who say it’s a design lapse with the inset headlight, JW Speakers work. Now if they could just get the 9” headlight out that they have supposedly...
  11. Oil light indicator wrong?

    Did you change the last time early and they forgot to reset? Or any heavy rpm or off-roading?
  12. Cloth/rag for cleaning dashboard

    Snap-On makes some really nice Microfiber towels too.
  13. Cloth/rag for cleaning dashboard

    It’s not just the cloth but also what you are using with it in terms of cleaner or protectant. I stopped using the standard protectants and actually use Turtle Wax Spray wax on my interior. Catches all the dust and lint really well. Give it a try.
  14. Corded impact wrench?

    Snap On makes some killer Battery Powered Impact Guns. Can’t remember but think mine cranks to 300 ft lbs or something like that.
  15. Windshield calibration issues due to 37" tires????

    Believe there have been a few posts about this issue for lifts and larger tires, so yes this is a known issue that is legit from the dealer.
  16. Would you trade JL for JT?

    Agree. If I am looking at a new JT overland or rubicon, you’re in Raptor territory as far as $$$
  17. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    Evidence that the service guy at least popped the hood during your oil change. Not saying he actually changed the filter, but based on the evidence it’s possible.
  18. Rubicon Diesel on Method 704s

    Post of the year!
  19. Auxillary switches temporarily unavailable due to battery charging

    I’m 100% clueless and uneducated on this subject. Just wondering if I should be concerned as so many threads mention different running voltages for our vehicles. Kind of weird.