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  1. California 35x12.5r17 ridge grapplers

    I have 4 good tires the 5th has a screw in the wheel well. They have about 8k miles on them but I think they have another 30k on them.. they still look and drive great.. my Jeep is getting bought back on a lemon law and need to out it back to stock.. so looking to sell these .. asking 800 for...
  2. Recommended Dealers List

    Hey my buddy in TX just asked me how to get a good deal on jeeps.. last time i shopped around like 2 years ago.. one the top two highest discount dealerships.. right up there with criswell was in texas.. but i can't remember there name or seem to find the info on here.. does anyone know the name...
  3. Deals on tires

    all modes are stressful lol my business partner has c ply and I have e ply and similar lifts and shocks.. I can tell a huge difference and fully intend to atleast get a d ply on my next set..
  4. Deals on tires

    Ko2 is a great on road tire (that is super capable offroad too) and extreme snow rated.. that in that size actually has a C ply which is ideal.. and if you want to stick with coopers people love the stt pro.. but it's pricy
  5. Deals on tires

    have you looked at the mastercraft mxt they are owned by cooper and pretty much the same tire.. but they have LT315/70R17 in D ply
  6. Deals on tires

    those are an E-ply tire.. I currently run them.. and for the weight of the jeep they are too stiff.. ride is impacted, and the tires don't flex as much as i would like when aired down.. highly recommend a C ply or D play tire..
  7. Deals on tires

    FYI i just called my dealer they do stock 37x12.5x17 but only had 2 instock, they are going to try to pull in the other 3 i need, and support the 4th for a dollar program
  8. Deals on tires

    Actually they have a 4 fir 3 deal on there site for most manufacturers
  9. Deals on tires

    they just seem like great people to me who enjoy the Jeep lifestyle and love each other. And they have fun with there Jeep.. and ya they break it but they also get parts and labor for free.. so they can be a little more cavalier.. but they also use the crap out of it..
  10. Pics of 37" ko2 tires

    Are those mastercraft mxt
  11. Deals on tires

    Who doesn’t live litebrite
  12. Deals on tires

    Anyone havecc be any tips or know of any great deals on 37” tires.. want something lighter like ko2 or stt pro.. but primarily looking for tips of vendors with sales or coupons codes... tips and tricks to get the best deal I can on tires
  13. 2.5 or 3.5 lift with 37's?

    great info, thanks for taking the time.. You know Teraflex has there falcon progressive bump stops.. they are only 100 bucks for the set.. i have the on my current jeep.. and I never feel any bottoming out.. might be a good quick temporary fix for you, till you can drop some bigger cash on a...
  14. 2.5 or 3.5 lift with 37's?

    you get any rubbing?
  15. Review of Teraflex 3.3 shocks, Teraflex springs, and MetalCloak Gamechanger

    So I am thinking about ordering the falcon 3.1 but asking fir a softer valving , ( you can order them 2 door valving to soften them) does anyone have experience with this.. will the ride be more pleasant, I tend to prefer a softer shock.. debating the advantage of these been tuned to the springs...
  16. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    Actually Teraflex just told me I can order the ct2 kit without the front track bar (saves 290)... with river city Offroad’s discount on fox and Teraflex stuff with the site discount code that gets me everything I want for under 3k
  17. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    that is grea feedback.. I prefer a lower lift for day to day driving, getting in and out with the family.. since I only trail 6 times a year or so.. that has to be priority.. I do think you made me aware the combo of 2.5” with drop brackets could be something I regret. I actually started looking...
  18. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    What do you guys recommend for a 2.5” kit with adjustable lower control brackets, geo bracket (yes I know the hang down), and doesn’t include a track bar (I already have them. I was looking at the evo enforcer overland but see so many complaints of shocks not fitting or springs bowing, just...
  19. 2021 Rubicon - 4 cylinder vs V6 eTorque???

    it's a fine motor, my issues were mainly around other parts of the vehicle.. i could of gone 4cyl again, but had a preffernce to the v6