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  1. Portable air compressor and tire deflator suggestions.

    Asking for the Viair for Christmas. Hopefully I’ve been good this year....
  2. How are tires listed on build sheets?

    It is standard equipment. You shouldn’t have to choose it I don’t think. What is selected are optional mud terrain tires.
  3. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    @Notorious @OldGuyNewJeep
  4. Share the music!

    Not judgement...
  5. Share the music!

    Tottally on a Deftones kick. But this is a really cool Duran Duran cover.
  6. Share the music!

    Drummer is so good!
  7. Share the music!

    CJ5 is awesome!
  8. Share the music!

    Calling all music aficionados!!! What are you currently listening to on your daily drive on the highway or through the wilderness??? This is mine....
  9. Share the music!!!

    Calling all music aficionados... What are you currently listening to???
  10. Off-road Wheel Chocks?

    Have you looked into wheel chocks that are used for semi trailers?
  11. Deep Snow/Mud/Highway Tires

    I second this or the Goodyear Kevlar Mtr.
  12. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Congrats! My 2011 JK Sport was my first brand new vehicle and first Jeep. I used to drive “cash cars” so to speak. You are going to have a lot of fun!

    How good is she with tire maintenance? Go Sport if she is not. She will have to rotate the mud terrain tires on the Willys very often. If she insists on black you should get it or she will always say that she loves her Jeep but wished it was black.
  14. Just ordered my Jeep... Now what?

    I would recommend getting some good locking lugs. Gorilla makes some great ones but are on the pricier side. They come in black or chrome.
  15. 8.4 screen protectors?

    Looking for some insight from you guys and gals on screen protectors. What did you choose since the market is pretty saturated?