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  1. Birds destroying my jeep

    Wasn’t thinking I’d need to be so specific, but I use duck tape folded over to make it double sided and I stick it to the sunroof/glass. Then later I use rubbing alcohol 70% to remove the duck tape residue from the glass. Reason I clicked on this topic was the birds seem to be crazy this...
  2. Birds destroying my jeep

    Same here.... easy fix glue boards for mice. my black VW that sits outside “was” getting molested by birds they could see there reflection it’s a seasonal mating thing
  3. Ground tent vs RTT

    To be honest packing and unpacking was my top reason for a trailer, makes camping easier and less stressful knowing everything is one place. Cons it’s more difficult to take a trailer on difficult trails, Pro setting up “base camp” and going out exploring in the Jeep.
  4. North Carolina FS: Black Soft Top w/ Tinted Windows and all Hardware Required for Installation

    Great guy to deal with! Thanks for meeting me today and great meeting you.
  5. Soft Top Question

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way!
  6. Soft Top Question

    Hope that’s not a BestTop logo in bright white over the rear window?
  7. overlanding weight issue with Jeep

    Yeah no problem, it’s 4’x6’ trailer, 35s w 3,500 lb axle. Has RTT, awning, running water, power, etc We used the #campncrawltrailer on IG feel free any questions if u see something
  8. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    It’s just a 4x6 trailer, no plans just started building. I don’t mind to help w questions. Some build pix on IG but they are mixed in with other random pix
  9. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Looking at N-Fab Tube SideSteps and noticed Rugged Ridge has a set that looks identical. What am I missing? Is there a difference in quality etc? also there’s two sizes of N-FAB 2” and 3” tube???
  10. 2020 What’s Your Plans

    What’s your 2020 Camping Plans? Winter here and wishing it was Camping Season... picked up our first new Jeep and looking forward to hooking up the trailer! Greenbrier River WV and Red River Gorge KY IG @ FOSTER_WV
  11. overlanding weight issue with Jeep

    I’m too a sucker for gadgets especially electronic and cooking. It’s just last few years everyone is overloading their vehicles, keep it simple. I can go super light but also built a expo/camping trailer for the cool factor of glamping. The one thing I’ve gravitated to is setting up camp then...
  12. overlanding weight issue with Jeep

    Overlanding Has Become Overloading 90s Bolt On Honda Guys have grown up to be Overlanders #keepcampingsimple LoL seriously tho we all overpack and get sucked in by the gadgets
  13. Minimalist Rigs

    Overlanding has become Overloading, I like the minimalist approach but we also have a expo trailer for the JLU glamming I’ve found pack low, try a high clearance hitch carrier instead of a roof rack, if there’s only two try the air mattress made for the rear of a JLU, Plano Totes are American...
  14. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Leaving the garage/house this morning
  15. Camping subforum

    Make Camping Simple Again #overlandinghasbecomeoverloading I like the idea of a new sub forum !
  16. Everyone hates me......

    Bet he has an angry grill.....
  17. Everyone hates me......

    I was hoping that “Honda civic” phase would be left w the JK guys.....