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  1. Adding Sun Sensor and In-Cabin Sensor for Auto A/C

    Just keep in mind there are more than 10 different part numbers for it depending on the options and 125 is really cheap. Edit: Looking at sales codes it should have correct plugs. Really tempting as I need it to add heated seats and steering wheel.
  2. Adding Sun Sensor and In-Cabin Sensor for Auto A/C

    As I understand its part of instrument panel wiring harness.
  3. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    That is actually true :) but Rubi shocks are noticeably less crappy than Sport. I would still say from my experience that in terms of paved road comfort (very subjective) and control Sport tires and Rubi suspension drove the best, than sport suspension and sport tires (only good thing less...
  4. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    Sport shocks are crap. Sport suspension engineered only to save money, that's it. With rubicon shocks ride got more controlled and they definitely did not feel stiffer. It does lean more in turns with rubi springs, but its not a sport car and I can still pass most of the cars and SUVs on...
  5. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    Just from comfort standpoint the best ride on my Sport JLU was with Rubi suspension and stock sport tires.
  6. Say hello to my future overland trailer. 2020 JTUR bed box.

    Just make sure your bed came from a truck without front camera. Somehow back cameras are different and not compatible between trucks with and without trail cam.

    I need to research it more, but it might be a possibility. I pretty sure I saw two part numbers for a comfort seat and steering wheel control module, cheaper one said - (minus) heated steering wheel. So maybe jeeps outside US came with heated seats and no heated steering wheel? Or we could just...

    Doing more research: Small orange wiring harness inside steering wheel is different for a heated steering wheel and needs to be replaced too. So you need Heated steering wheel, wiring harness inside steering wheel, steering column control module, add pins to the plug that connects to steering...
  9. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    As I'm doing more research, it looks like you'll (and me) need new steering column module to connect heated steering wheel. And the wiring harness might not be there as there are more than 10 instrument cluster wiring harness part numbers :( Edit: Plus small wiring harness inside steering wheel...
  10. JL heated steering wheel install help.

    With Sport I will have to make it, with Rubicon you might be lucky.
  11. Pop a top!

    From what I remember, you might need to put the top under the sun the first time you install it to heat it up. Ant its going to be a very tight fit the first time.
  12. Oregon Heated steering wheel, airbag, armrest

    Any chance steering wheel is still available?

    Not yet :) but slowly working on it. I have a base Sport and part of the wiring harness is not there. I'm trying to figure out the best place to get all the connectors I need to make it work.

    99% sure you'll have the wiring harness and 2020 part number will work.
  15. Leather or Cloth Seats

    Entirely possible, but I read somewhere on this forum that padding for leather and cloth seats have different part numbers.
  16. Leather or Cloth Seats

    Just to share my experience. I have base sport with cloth seats. Seats are comfy easy to clean but they were black and I have dogs with light short fur which was very hard to get read of. I had a chance to get full set of rubicon tan leather seats for a great price. Turns out the difference is...

    OK, more research. SO far did not find wires for a heated seat module. Here is the link to whole vehicle wiring: Most likely I have fuzes and under seat connections because its a part of body wiring harness. I...
  18. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    May be its sounds stupid, but by the proses of elimination its bushings in upper control arms. I did not read the whole thread, but in the parts that I read, it was the only thing that OP did not check. Good luck figuring it out. EDIT: Missed NCJL post above, he suggests the same thing.
  19. Instrument Cluster Swap

    Its less than $100 to reprogram, so no red flags :)