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  1. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    Many people I assume will say the same thing but I don’t want to read each reply so here’s my 2 cents. Depends on what you want to do. If you rarely off-road then a sport is all you need . If you off-road often and want a lift and 35’s with lockers etc then a Rubicon. If your going to build it...
  2. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    No, not related. Issue was resolved long ago by Jeep. Jeep actually took the original poster Jeep back to help resolve the issue and gave them a new Jeep.
  3. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    Make sure to file a diminished value claim.
  4. How to tighten steering.

    They do read the posts but give blanket statements. There is a fix to the steering problem but you have to have a dealer willing to do it. They don’t make money doing warranty work and will simply say it’s a Jeep thing which by reading a lot of these posts people begin to believe. As far as mods...
  5. How to tighten steering.

    definitely give it a read and take the article to the dealer. Dealers are not very bright. What I find funny is an adjustable trackbar and PSC hydraulic assist eliminates wander, vibrations, wobble etc. I basically followed Kevin and Brittney from LiteBrite’s steering fixes and I am very happy...
  6. How to tighten steering.

    Sorry about the bold type
  7. How to tighten steering.

    FCA has a fix for the steering issues now as reported in Motor Trend “ Motor Trend confirms steering issue fix made to 2020 Jeep JL (gear valve tuning & pump calibration changes) the article can be found on the this forum. This also, to my knowledge fixes the 2018&2019. So, coupled with the...
  8. Poll: How much have you spent on 2018 or 2019 accessories?

    Does the cost of accessorizing my JL with a matching JT count.?
  9. Regret 37s?

    My opinion is overlanding and serious off-roading are 2 different builds. My wife gets this build once the gladiator gets the diesel, then I will build that for overlanding. As far as footprint goes the Rubicon Trail (Jeep Jamboree rules) required a minimum of 35’s, when I did it last summer I...
  10. Regret 37s?

    I’ll run the 37’s and RCV’s for a while in the 44’s, when I step up to 40’s in about 2 years I’ll most likely go to 60’s. The plan is coilovers etc... 75% of my wheel time is off-road in Oregon... Snowwheeling and muddy hill climbs with occasional rocks...
  11. Regret 37s?

    RCV’s for now and 60’s later
  12. Regret 37s?

  13. Regret 37s?

    I’ve been on 37’s since new in early 2018, I’m at 21000 miles now. Running KO2’s... Lifted 3.5”, it handled ok with the stock steering components but handleS outstanding with a full steersmarts upgrade. Next month I’ll upgrade to the PSC hydro assist along with RCVS. My buddy has already done...
  14. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Threat of rain.. stuffed it in.
  15. What's your favorite brand of sunglasses?

    Maui Jim...they have a glass lens are hydrophobic, polarized and do not scratch... I have 4 pair of Oakleys and they all suck(if I look at them wrong the scratch).
  16. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    This is my 7th Jeep, 3 were JK’s. Yes I had what I consider minor issues but I LOVE MY JEEP, issues I didn’t like with my JK’s were resolved with the JL. Now my wife wants my JL so I cannot decide on whether to order the diesel JL or wait for the diesel Gladiator.
  17. Pricing Update

    Sent you an email for pricing.. I have 3 offers on my JLUR already.
  18. Guesstimate for shop charge to install Mopar 2 inch life kit?

    My Mopar lift was installed by my dealer for $400
  19. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    I’m have my CHL in Oregon, Utah and Arizona and I am always carrying anywhere I am legal to do so. I have many sidearms to choose from depending on where I’m going.
  20. How to tighten steering.

    Don’t have time to rate all this.. I installed Fox ATS , it helped but it’s a bandaid, I installed Yeti steer smart system, helped big time. Everything has to perfect but each case is different. What made mine perfect was a computer update(flash).