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  1. Steering wheel no longer centered

    So if your wheel is off center, pull the Jeep straight into your work area so the tires are straight. Mark the center of your steering wheel by wrapping a piece of painters tape around the center of the wheel. you will then loosen the drag link adjustment collar/sleeve. Once the bolt is loose...
  2. The FIX for the drip rail water leaking that anyone can do

    Try this door sweep method, it really does work and isn’t hard to complete. Since I originally posted this thread I have narrowed the overall width of the sweep to see if it would hamper its effectiveness but it has not. Still works great. After many months of it being on I don’t even think...
  3. The Great Rust Proofing Poll

    ACF -50 last for about 12 months. I usually just spray it and leave it. I have before wiped the excess and spread it to another area using a rag coated in ACF50 but really no harm is done by just spraying it and leaving it. I usually spray ACF50 after I wash the Jeep. I crawl under it to do a...
  4. Rear storage option for JLU

    Sorry somehow I didn’t realize you were speaking about the pins as I was just skimming the thread and didn’t fully read your quote. I thought you were talking about securing the sides with a bracket. I have already used heat shrink on the pins. They looked great but I have since removed it...
  5. Rear storage option for JLU

    Maybe you meant to say the squad box, because that method is not needed with the slip stream as it is already secured with their own bracket.
  6. Rain Gutter Fix

    It would be unfair to comment on if this solution actually works as I have not personally tried it. So I will say in my opinion, during a hard rain, I would think water would still come into the cabin area once you open the door. It will just come in at a different spot. Maybe most of it will...
  7. Problem when removing doors

    Maybe try hanging them with the door checks on the outside when you hang them on the wall next to each other
  8. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$? I wanted a yeti for a long time but when it actually came down to purchase one I did some research and watched many videos, and Kong coolers is what I decided on. Made in the USA plus they give military discount as well. As stated before there are many of these...
  9. Returning a lease with Gobi roof rack

    unbelievable....what a missed opportunity this could have been OP. I bet you could have got at least half of your money back if you just posted please come take this rack off yourself and it’s yours for X amount of dollars. oh well, live and learn.
  10. Project-Zero : 20-JLUR and Craft Brew

    I have decided to go ahead and post some of my sound meter readings because a lot of people have been asking me about it. I am not finished with this project but it has become more of a slower pace at completing since I’m tackle other projects around the house right now. The sound readings...
  11. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Welcome. My wife, daughter and I, we love Germany. It’s a beautiful country.
  12. Tennessee 4dr Rubi rock rails

    Jmbturtle, sent you a PM
  13. Tennessee 4dr Rubi rock rails

    I will check and send you a PM
  14. The JL Journey -Sting Gray Turbo Rubi UK RHD Overland Build

    Not only the front bumper, but the rear is different as well. Also the side mirrors are different and I just noticed the hood vents are different as well. Never noticed that before. They also get the hood lock in the grill.
  15. Worried about getting too heavy

    The pads that are used in that kit are Toyota pads that can purchased from just about anywhere.
  16. Well this was a little difficult to watch

    :surprised: Yikes! I’m not that cool. The Jeep buggy definitely has rear wheel steering, that’s pretty awesome.
  17. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I’d say so, it looks like maybe the mopar lift on 35’s
  18. Mod for closing hardtop window AFTER tailgate door?

    There isn’t away to reverse order shut the swing gate and hardtop rear window, because then it wouldn’t seal up. it would take major modifications for this to even work so I don’t think it would be worth the effort. I think your best bet is to maybe install a net gate on just the lower half...
  19. Spare Tire Cover On or Off?

    The Sahara wheels are better looking then any tire cover. Do your Jeep a favor and rip it off :rock:
  20. Bestop Supertop Ultra Installed

    Why must everything these days have such a large logo on it. I really hate this trend. I remember best top used to have a little sewn in tag on the side of the top. Why was that not good enough? Now, if you purchase anything after market, you have to be willing to be a rolling bill board.