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  1. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    I was wondering if you guys were watching ;) It wasn't a big deal that the hole was tight. I had four different d-rings and like I mentioned one fit outright, and for the other one I preferred to remove paint (ie. corrosion protection) from the low-cost d-ring and not the brand-new tow loops I...
  2. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    Totally had the same concern. In the end one of my shackles fit (barely) and the other one I removed a bit of material on the pin with a grinding wheel, then greased it up to provide some corrosion protection. I think Maximus-3 needs to open up those holes slightly; I don't think they took into...
  3. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    No; no cutting required. 4 bolts per loop; pretty easy install overall.
  4. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    I installed the rear set today and noticed two things: 1) The hole was a tad tight for my d-ring 2) The dual nut insert on the passenger side wouldn't fit between the frame and bumper. After debating whether to loosen the whole bumper I realized I could drop it into the frame through the oval...
  5. Jeep won't cover engine if i do my own oil changes.

    I know we're relatively off-topic from the original post but in 2016 I bought a 2014 Rubicon here in the US that had started life as a Canadian model. The Jeep was still under warranty and interestingly my local Jeep dealer originally fixed a couple things under warranty then informed me if I...
  6. Pennsylvania Selling Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox

    I wish I'd seen this a couple weeks ago; we're in NH but went down to PA for a wedding. Bummer!
  7. Let's See Some JLU Gutter Mounted Crossbars

    Just catching up; looks like Mad Hatter already answered this. Essentially I bought them without locks but then purchased the Thule lock kit all keyed alike to retrofit the locks into the mounts so they can't just be removed. Locks were expensive-ish; I got them at EMS with a coupon and some...
  8. Let's See Some JLU Gutter Mounted Crossbars

    Thule racks here; work great, easy to mount & dismount.
  9. XG Cargo any good?

    I have the Gama bags and the Vector Offroad Highland Platform (basically the GGB without the high sides) and the two work perfectly with each other. Based on how mine sits the GGB shouldn't present an issue. The Gama bags and the platform are by far the best things I've added to my JLU so far.
  10. Suggested Mods for Expectant Father?

    I vote for the cargo shelf in the trunk; I have one and it hugely expands the cargo capabilities (especially we often bring the dog to the lake and he sleeps on the floor in the trunk and we have stuff covering the shelf).
  11. Infant car seat installation

    We used the Chico Keyfit 30 as an infant seat. We currently use the Britax Boulevard both for forward-facing and rear-facing for the two kids.
  12. Infant car seat installation

    I mounted mine on the passenger side and just kept the passenger seat slightly forward to accommodate it. Now that we're done with the infant seat I still have the rear-facing seat on that side and a forward-facing seat behind me for the older one. Easy Peasy.
  13. Warn 102370 Recovery Points for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler JLUR Steel Front Bumper

    Holy moly those are legit! *And the instructions are AWESOME. Had these been available (or had I been aware of these if they were available) I definitely would have purchased these over the Warn ones.
  14. SmartStopStart

    Done. PM me how you want to be paid (PayPal? VenMo?) and I'll provide the shipping address. Thanks!
  15. mopar off road jeep lights

    Have you tried to change the settings for that Aux switch from momentary to binding?
  16. SmartStopStart

    I could do $85 if you're interested. Thanks-
  17. Question about Mopar Grille Guard Install..

    As you say the innermost bolts (that hold the winch delete panel) are covered by the grille guard (it sits over them and hides them). No need to remove those. Install is super quick; took like ~5 minutes. Good luck!
  18. Warn 102370 Recovery Points for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler JLUR Steel Front Bumper

    My personal opinion is that the bumper isn't compromised hardly at all by the cuts you need to make. Also- you mention "drilling out where the built-in nut ... to use the supplied bolts" - there's no drilling out anything. I just removed those two bolts to pull off what's essentially an endcap...
  19. Jeep JLUR or Tacoma TRD Pro

    I have an '18 JLU Rubicon and my brother has an '18 Tacoma TRD Pro. The Toyota is awesome except for one thing that is an absolute nonstarter for me; it's ridiculously underpowered. He loves it because his teenage son is turning 16 soon and will be driving it but if it was my daily driver I'd...
  20. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    As a heads up I had my local deal look at this twice; they were not able to make any substantive improvement and I've just resigned myself to having a creaky clutch pedal.