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  1. Programmers available to enable diff lock in high range?

    If you don’t unmerry and the dealer does some sort of software update and changes things in the Jeep’s computer, not only will your Tazer not be able to work properly anymore, but you will also probably do some damage on the software side of the jeep anytime you try to change a parameter with...
  2. FIRST POST NEW 2021

    Welcome to the forum! That’s a sick clean jeep with awesome shoes! You will have many years of great memories with her!
  3. Extension cable very useful for our modifications (Tazer or others) !

    I wouldn’t leave the extender in there when taking it to the dealer. Any dealer with a good eye will see that you’re still tampering with the SGW even if they don’t see a Tazer plugged in. Otherwise, why would you need an extender harness?
  4. Tazer Mini needs to stay married?

    Great explanation! To add my two cents, I actually do not believe the Tazer is able to emulate the SGW very well, only the bare minimum that is necessary for function. Not sure if this applies to all model years, but on my 2021 I always get a fault code when my SGW wires are disconnected from...
  5. 4L Question

    This scientific take on off-reading physics and technique was entirely very enjoyable to read.
  6. 2019 vs 2021 any subtle differences?

    The ESS is unbelievably faster and smoother and almost unnoticeable in vehicles that have etorque. I was a hater of ESS also, just like you and many others here, but with the 2021 3.6 etorque, it is a completely different ball game. number one, you do not use a basic starter to start the engine...
  7. 392 includes mandatory Selec-Trac and CV joints. Is this a fatal flaw for anyone?

    Once again, there will not be a 2H option on the 392 transfer case lever. Do what you want with that info. This was even in the announcement video. The first option on the transfer case lever will be 4H Auto.
  8. 392 includes mandatory Selec-Trac and CV joints. Is this a fatal flaw for anyone?

    It’s possible because when you are in 4Auto, the transfer case provides torque only to the rear axle until the rear wheels start to spin, only then is torque sent to the front axle. Having said that, I would choose not to have the fad in the 392 if I was Jeep.
  9. 392 includes mandatory Selec-Trac and CV joints. Is this a fatal flaw for anyone?

    If it is indeed a photograph of a production 392, then my guess would be that the dash will let you know whenever you are in 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive (because of 4high auto) depending on which icon is lit up. But you will not be able to have the lever be in 2H because there is going to be...
  10. 392 includes mandatory Selec-Trac and CV joints. Is this a fatal flaw for anyone?

    I have seen this as well. It is a promotional photograph using a cluster from a regular wrangler or something like that. The 392 is not going to have 2H on the transfer case lever. This is a fact and is not up for debate. The first option will be 4high auto then 4high part time then neutral then...
  11. uConnect 4C OTA update titled “Popup Messages”

    Hey guys, I saw this little message on the bottom of my uconnect screen about two weeks ago while driving down the road. I was able to find absolutely nothing at all about this on the internet. I got to work and turned off the jeep while that message was still on the screen and it was gone...
  12. Just ordered my 392!

    There is a YouTube video made my Adventure Architects where they do a walk around of the concept 392 and interview one of the Jeep people and they discuss the wheels. However, I am unsure if the concept and production wheels will be similar in spec.
  13. New 2021 JLUR Steering Issue

    Even with the 2021 model year with the new black steel gearbox, the vehicle still wanders a little bit when driving in the highways. My 2021 JLUR is pretty much the same; perfectly fine and dead straight on the road, and it is great even on the highway, but it does wander a little bit and the...
  14. Sirius trial running out...

    SiriusXM has the NPR channel too!
  15. New JL owner

    Welcome to the forums! I must say, you and your wife made such a great decision getting another Jeep. Prepare for years of amazing memories with your family!
  16. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    Many people hate in the alpine premium sound system but I have it in my 2021 and imho, it is actually pretty good for a stock sound system. Are there better stock premium sound systems, yes. But the JL Alpine system is pretty good. I listen to a lot of rap and from the way it kicks, you can...
  17. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    2021 JLUR, bought September 18, 2020. msrp a little over 60k, paid 55k and some change, not including tax.
  18. Have to add rock track now?

    It may not be called rock trac but the 392 will have 4hi part time....
  19. Have to add rock track now?

    They began making them available with 2021! The 392 is going to have it with the lack of 2H! So it will be 4H full time, 4H part time, and 4L. As for regular rubicons, it will include all of the above with the addition of 2H.