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  1. Question About Sahara Running Boards

    I’ve seen JKs rolling around with them, so there’s at least a market to give it away. I bet you could get $25-50 for it if you’re patient enough. Those JK bumpers faded bad after a while, I bet someone out there wants to replace it.
  2. Georgia WTB 4 Door Performance Rock Rails

    Looking to pick up a set of performance rock rails for my JLU. I’m in Atlanta, but willing to travel a bit (within a few hours).
  3. Georgia Quake Smoked LED Fender Light w/ Sequential Turn Signals & Side Marker Light

    I looked into it with another member and he decided it would be cheaper to by locally given import fees, etc.
  4. Half doors appears in system! "Dual Door Group With Base / Premium Uppers" [Updated with real life photos]

    they’re also hot garbage. They’re not weather tight from what I’ve read, so what’s the point? If the weather is coming in anyway, I’d rather be doorless. if they were cheaper, I’d go with eh, good enough approach, but they’re expensive and not worth the price IMO.
  5. My 2020 Jeep Rubicon “JLUR” could have killed me and my family this weekend.

    Nothing makes you feel more alive than loose steering and death wobble at 100mph.
  6. Anyone park outside in the cold? No rhyme or reason as to whether or not the seat heater and heated steering wheel activate after a remote start.

    In my experience, Jeep hasn’t gotten this feature right since my 2012 WK2. Like everyone has said, it’s supposed to come on at 39F, but the sensor doesn’t always get it right.
  7. Which one would you buy

    Sounds like you don’t need the Rubi, and being your wife’s daily driver, she’d probably enjoy the Sahara’s options.
  8. Incase you’re curious if paint issues have improved for the 2021 MY

    They haven’t. A few examples Below. I’d say it’s the worst at the tailgate hinges and under the rail along the cargo area of the tub. It’s not corrosion, just a really shitty paint job. I don’t plan on doing anything yet about it. Its not noticeable to anyone unless you’re looking for it. I’ll...
  9. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Had a rough experience with my last JL. Was able to replace it this past weekend, and had to add this.
  10. What steps can I attach to my 2019 Rub Rails?

    I’m not aware of any steps you add to rails. Needs to be one or the other. There are rails that have steps built in, but you would have to swap out the rails you just put on. Edit: I stand corrected. See comment below. Mopar makes performance rails that are also a step if you want to stay...
  11. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    I know. I feel bad for the future owner. Wish there was a way to leave hidden but obvious message in there. It’s still waiting out behind the service department waiting for a gear shifter, so I don’t think it’ll be resold any time soon, though.
  12. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    My first mod in honor of my fallen JL.
  13. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    Thanks! I really like the wheels, too. I’m usually not for the gimmicky editions with cosmetic upgrades (it’s got special seats, too), but this one definitely resonated with me. Plus, the anniversary edition has pretty much everything my Sahara had. And most importantly, the check engine light...
  14. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    This saga is over. They took mine in on a trade since it was still under warranty. Replaced with a 2021 80th anniversary.
  15. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    @JeepCares I’ve sent you a PM.
  16. Georgia Quake Smoked LED Fender Light w/ Sequential Turn Signals & Side Marker Light

    Brand new, never installed. Will ship exactly as they shipped to me. $260 shipped to the contiguous 48 states. I am in Atlanta, GA, so if you are local I could take a little off if you want to pick up. Here is the link to the manufacturer's website...
  17. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    I will probably do that. SA is meeting with the service manager today, so I’m waiting for them to get back to me. Hoping to hear about a loaner vehicle today, so I’ll try to talk to the service or sales manager when I pick it up.
  18. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    That seems like some really solid advice. Thank you for taking the time to write all that out. I was trying to decide if me telling them my intentions of basically just trading it in as soon as it’s fixed this time would help or hurt me (me basically saying ha, it’s your problem now), but the...