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  1. Some socal trails opening up again

    Palomar truck trail is relatively close to Julian. Anza Borrego also isn't too far from there that has several easy trails.
  2. Anza Borrego

    I'll be out there in a few weeks. Been a few years since I last went, but that time just went to the wind caves and back out. Will go explore some more this time. Anyone suggest a specific route?
  3. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    I assume you mean the plastic cover on the left side. No magic to it really, it is just held on with clips, so just need to pull/pry gently and each will pop off fairly easily. A set of interior trim plastic prying tools makes it a bit easier to get behind and apply pressure closer to where each...
  4. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    I used the trunk mount dual compressors for the first time today on the trail. I'm very happy with it so far. Was very quite having it mounted there. Engine idling with windows open is almost louder and turning on the compressors only slightly increases overall noise. Not at all annoying to...
  5. no Rubicon with black hard top and fenders

    Yup, more than likely you will need to order. I did the same thing. Wanted red Rubicon with black fenders and soft top. No dealer ever had one. Ended up going with dual top just in case I ever wanted the hardtop. It is much cheaper getting it as part of the order vs afterwards.
  6. Some socal trails opening up again

    I noticed today that some socal trails have opened back up again. Picked up my JL just a few weeks ago and everything near me has been closed since then. Will go for a quick run this weekend.
  7. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    I installed this today in mine. This is how I ran the lines. Did involve trimming the trunk carpeted floor pieces, but not too bad. Ended up moving the lines a bit to the left from what is shown here since that aligned well with a slot in the carpeted piece that has the anchors in it and also...
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's a fairly small garage, so the vehicles need to be in the location they are currently in. Swapped around the cars wouldn't fit in let alone have room for the top. I do like your idea though of running the cables through to the attic. I will think about that. For that case I would likely...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I took the hard top off mine and hung it in the garage for the first time today after picking it up last week. I'm going to add an additional set of straps to pull it up higher and not have it free swinging next. Will also be extra insurance to avoid the 911 getting a new hat following an...
  10. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    Mine is getting delivered tomorrow, so I may look into installing it over the weekend. I'll let you know what I ended up doing.
  11. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Was able to pick it up this afternoon. The diesel is just awesome. Was also the simplest most painless pickup process ever with Rob from Irvine. Whole thing was done in 10 minutes.
  12. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Just heard mine arrive at dealer this morning and is in PDI.
  13. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    I heard similar today only my ETA was sometime between 9/15 and 9/29.
  14. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    On cryptosticker I see 14 diesels complete in the last 24 hours. Haven't seen many diesels lately, so seems like they just cranked through a bunch of them or just a coincidence that a lot of those built happen to be actively tracked. Order dates vary from June to end of July.
  15. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Got a notice from cryptosticker this morning that window sticker is available on mine, so hopefully getting close to shipping.
  16. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Will be interesting to see if they all come out together as well. Didn't think there was anything on my build that would be special options needing a separate build stage like this.
  17. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Heard today from my dealer that mine (ordered 7/10) is in JB status (built and shipped to body vendor for final options).
  18. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    I got a notice yesterday from cryptosticker that my order had a build sheet show up today. I ordered 7/10 and my dealer had told me a few weeks ago that it had a 8/28 expected build date. I haven't checked with dealer or jeep chat in a while to see what it's actual status is.
  19. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    One of the reasons I ordered was because I could not find any dealer builds with a soft top. I did end up ordering with dual top, mainly just because it is so much more expensive to buy afterwards and figured on some occasions a may want a hard top. I expect to have the soft top on most of the...
  20. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    I heard from Rob today as well that my diesel JLUR has an 8/28 build date estimate currently. I placed my order 7/10. Would be nice to get it before end of Sept as I've got a few trips planned already for Oct and Nov.