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  1. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    No wheel adapters but if it’s flexed at all then it rubs just a tad on the plastic. I am considering getting some wheel spacers, not sure what size yet but probably around an inch.
  2. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    Awesome. Yeah, I’m very happy with this kit.
  3. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    I really like it so far. The shock extensions were very nicely made. I’m a Manufacturing Engineer and a CNC Machinist by trade. These components are some of the nicest made components I’ve ever seen out of a spacer Kit.....and I’ve put a spacer Kit in every one of my trucks since I was 16 ...
  4. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    Added a 1/2” spacer for the spare tire. When I added 35x12.50’s I did not need any wheel spacers for the 4 quadrants of the vehicle. They fit perfectly well. What didn’t fit was the spare tire. As I tightened the spare pressed up against the rear break light so much that it actually pressed...
  5. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    Yes he showed that and told me that’s all he could adjust and I guess it was off a little, and the steering wheel was off a little too. I just wanted it done because my lift required us to break all 8 control arms and both traction bars loose. I really think the lift is fine, I think the...
  6. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    No. Now I wish I would have asked.
  7. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    So I’ve seen a few replies about the Adjustable Fox Racing one. It looks super nice. Question, how difficult is it to install/adjust?
  8. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    Hey Carlton, Steering doesn’t feel too loose. I had a 4 wheel alignment from an expert here that I trust. He corrected as much as he could but showed me how the spacer lifts on the JL still create a little angle to the right. It came out to .108 degrees overall and it’s in the rear only...
  9. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    If you mind mind me asking...why sell? I thought this was one of this nicest ones.
  10. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    Thanks this one is really nice. I dont feel like in need an adjustable one but I gusss if I spend the extra I’ll never need another one haha!
  11. Need advice for steering stabilizer

    19 JLUR with 35 inch tires and just installed the Teraflex 2.5” performance spacer Lift. Looking for recommendations for an upgraded steering stabilizer. I can spend up to $350 if needed but I don’t feel like I need an adjustable stabilizer for 35” tires. Any insight on brands and models...
  12. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    Finished pics from the lift!
  13. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    Pics from the lift!
  14. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    The Teraflex went on with no issues. Everything fit very well. I will say that it takes longer than 4 hours if you’re anal and you want to torque everything back to the required specs (that’s me). The reason I chose this kit is because it felt complete. It wasn’t just a box of 4 spacers...
  15. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    Teraflex 2.5” Performance Spacer Lift Kit came in. Hoping I get to install tonight.
  16. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    9/18/19 New Nitto Ridge Grapplers on stock suspension. 35 x 12.50 x 17”
  17. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    7/15/19 Framed and installed Harken 4 Point Lift System
  18. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    7/1/19 Completely stock photo for future reference of my build.
  19. Q’s JLUR Build Journal

    7/1/19 My Rubi finally came in!!!! So stoked, it felt like Christmas in July. 2019 Black JLUR Tow/Auxiliary Switch package LED light Kit 8 Speed Auto Remote Start Premium Alpine Speakers Color matched Freedom Hardtop Color matched Fenders
  20. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    That’s so impressive. These new JLUR just keep impressing me. My 35s with stock suspension are great. At full turn left and right no rubbing.