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  1. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Thanks mate. Hope engieering won't cost heaps.
  2. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Thanks, Mate. So here I am finally decided to go with AEV 2.5 lift kit and maybe upgraded tyres to 315. I think it is going to end up over 2.5 inch beyond what is legal in nsw (50+25 mm). Do you think I will have to send it though an engineer ?
  3. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Hi Guys, I live in austrailia and unfortunately mopar lift kit is not avaialble here for right hand drive version. So I am planning to get 315/70/17 and may be a 50mm bumper extension to avoid wheels touching fenders. What do you think about this option where getting a bumper extensions for...
  4. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    What is your opinion on putting 34s on stock Rubicon suspension? I am sort of waiting until Mopar release 2 inch suspnesion here in austrailia given thatn 3rd party lift kits void the warranty.
  5. MOPAR accessories

    Thank you Muddog17, Luckily it all came along with my Rubi.
  6. MOPAR accessories

    Have any of you claimed that 500$ voucher ? .
  7. Paint Protection Film

    @Jaydee_S , Thanks buddy. I sent my Rubi for the XPEL wrap and hope everything is going well. Looking forward to see the difference. Let me know when you figure out the dash wrapping as it is becoming a concern for me.
  8. Paint Protection Film

    Hi Jaydees, Few questions related to painting protection for Rubicon. 1. Are you planning to apply a ceramic coating over the film? 2. How do you plan to protect the dashboard? 3. What about Wheel edges? 4. Are you doing XPEL as well? 5. Is pin or bush stripes equal to a wire brush scratch...
  9. Trailer hitch and wiring harness?

    That's a good news for me. Thank you very much.
  10. Aussie 4wd clubs

    Planning to do a ride with Sydney Jeep Club.
  11. Trailer hitch and wiring harness?

    @xtnqx Is this WLD - 17-Inch Black Wheels with Polished Lip wheel which is an optional paid upgrade to the original wheel ? Apparently I got the same wheel and wondering is it the correct one since I don’t remember why I ordered it initially ? Haven’t seen the default original rubicon wheel...
  12. Rubicon Mud Flaps

    Initial impression is they won’t fit to Rubicon. Let us know if you anyway order it.
  13. Rubicon Mud Flaps

    Thanks mate. Went on wheeling last weekend and it sprayed mud everywhere.
  14. Rubicon Mud Flaps

    Hi Guys, What are your plans for installing Mud Flaps for the Rubicon?. Are there any available brands in aus the market right now?
  15. Has anyone cut their front splash guard down (aussies)

    Removed it as a part of winch installation work. Pretty easy.
  16. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    Too bad. I collected my Rubicon yesterday and processed within 2 weeks from arrival to the dealer.
  17. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    Ha ha good one you. Unfortunately not for me. Ordered it from quadratec along with a 1. Maximus-3 Max Glide Aluminum Hawse Fairleads 2. FlatLink E Expert Winch Hook
  18. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    Thank you very much and agree with you, Jaydee_s. Amazon delivered my WARN winch kit today. For those who are interested, Amazon shipping is free for WARN winch mounting kit from the United States. Also I am looking around for Mopar winch guard to be imported from USA.
  19. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    I agree with you on the Warn winch. Do you mind sharing a couple of photos after the winch installation? Would like to see how it looks like with Rubicon bumper.
  20. JL Rubicon winch mounting

    Hi Guys, I walked into ARB today at Sydney 4WD Adventure show to get a quotation for a Warn Zeon 10s winch. They quoted me for a couple of addons. Warn Synth Kit Wan Zeon Witing Kit I already got warn winch mounting kit through Amazon. Do you think the above two parts are necessary for...