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  1. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    during summer 87 and a hill you get pings. otherwise its fine. high compression engine, its gonna be sensitive, not ideal for an offroad vehicle, but its a Fiat.
  2. JL Wrangler vs 4Runner vs New 2020 Defender Comparison Review

    LR makes Wrangler almost seem like a reliable option. Garbage.
  3. 2021 2 Door Rubicon Death Wobble

    Its a problem, its a weak design with yield problems, sure not all are bad. some shimmy, some wobble, some wander all over, and some are ok, some have all of the issues.. I got mine better, but strong winds it could not stay in lane. Thats what a piss poor design does, its weak and luck of...
  4. Reliability

    Last thing i want from a vehicle that goes deep into outback, is poor reliability. The craptastic stop start double battery design is garbage. Craptastic steering that cant drive in a strait line coming down out of the sierras... no thanks. high compression engine that pings every summer on...
  5. Reliability

    once you replace all the parts from FCA wranglers are fine. basically you bought a frame and a hood, the rest has to go
  6. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    Count on Fiat to not step up and recall. its good they are starting to fix this mess.
  7. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    a small high compression turbo is obviously less reliable, and that was what was being talked about. the 6 is not same as the JK they jacked up the compression ratio on it too. In summer on the blend they use out here its a ping machine. Jeep needs to head in the direction of reliability...
  8. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    to reality for a difference in reliability. oh look this cranked up 4 cylinder is 50 less pounds! it will run forever!
  9. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    differnce the weight of engine is a non factor...
  10. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    no stone hard fact, not unique to Fiats.. obviously all Fiat Chrysler parts are sub part for the industry.
  11. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    Cs get degrees, turbo charging a small engine puts it under alot of stress. As a young engineer I learned to talk to service people to learn how designs hold up over time, they are not engineers but the smart ones see the patterns on what works and what does not work. I dont know any decent...
  12. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    No..., its nothing to do with the reliability of the efi or turbo. Its about a small high compression engine that has to work very hard to push a heavy vehicle its gonna wear out sooner, and its not really a debate, jsut a really bad design
  13. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    4 turbo is not gonna last, not much to talk about.
  14. Steering wheel shake

    why are you assuming its the tires and not alignment/geometry issues from your lift?
  15. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    the older lower compression 3.6 no doubt last longer than the "ole pingy" high compression version in the JL. Ole pingy you can count on to not make it that long, Fiat unleashed!
  16. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    Best feature? its Fiat free, second best? it will be able to drive in a straight line.
  17. Doors in the back

    Frameless windows are a much better design than Fiat's and the big winner, going in back... cool in some situations.
  18. FCA to become Stellantis

    A new name for dead last in quality. A fiat by any other name..
  19. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    Bronco just has to be able to drive in a straight line in the wind..