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  1. Thoughts on Cancelling and Re-Ordering

    I'm seriously considering that. If it's not here by Sept 1 I am going to switch for the diesel. I'm beyond fed up with all their contradicting excuses and basic lack of communication.
  2. Thoughts on Cancelling and Re-Ordering

    I don't know details but I've had one on order since Feb and they keep coming up with excuses. First it was the dual top delay, now it's a retro-fit piece for the engine apparently. It's been aggravating to say the least.
  3. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I got a call this morning with an estimated delivery of May 15! Fingers crossed!
  4. Just another thread about delays...

    My guy said this is happening pretty often. They have some orders showing not produced yet they are at the dealer already. Congrats on getting your's! Fingers crossed!
  5. Just another thread about delays...

    My dual top is just sitting. I totally agree that @JeepCares needs to be doing SOMETHING to fix this experience. My wife and I drove through the dealer lot yesterday just drooling and the salesman came out to apologize again for all the delays. Long story short, he happily offered to give...
  6. CK Holdings

    Hybrid Rubicon

  7. Availability of the engine

    The dealership was able to place my order yesterday for a 2.0L Turbo Rubicon yesterday in Pumpkin. It was exactly $1,000 more than the 3.6L. It's gonna be a sweet summer!