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  1. Larger tires decrease gas mileage?

    Most vehicles overestimate their gas mileage. I’ve read that SUV’s typically show they got about 10% better mpg than they really do and I can verify that pretty close. I use an app called Fuelly (free version) and its way more accurate. Every time I fill up I log the odometer reading, amount of...
  2. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Even better! Saved some money!
  3. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Yesssssss. The Mary Poppins of JLURs: practically perfect in every way.
  4. Would anyone buy a “new” 2018 JLUS now?

    Jeez, I didn’t catch the mileage in the pic until you said that. I’m hoping that was a mistake that was supposed to be used.
  5. Would anyone buy a “new” 2018 JLUS now?

    Here’s the link.
  6. Would anyone buy a “new” 2018 JLUS now?

    I use the app a lot (just for fun) and saw a 2018 JLU sport with a lift and what look like 35’s for $29,995. Would any of you even consider it? I messaged them to see if the steering fix had been done but I doubt it
  7. Reaching my breaking point... may consider trading my JLUR

    I’m a lurker here and have been hoping to get a JLUR soon to tow behind our RV. But, I also owned a 4Runner for 11 years. I literally had two problems with it: the sunroof drains got clogged and leaked down the a-pillar. Once I cleared them with my fingers, the water went right out. Couple...
  8. Jeep Dog pics

    Did y’all see this?
  9. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great! 35’s or 37’s?
  10. 2021 Wrangler 4XE Launch Brochure reveals unique wheels and gauge cluster

    They posted on that it’ll be available in December. So when will the order banks open up for it?
  11. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    I don’t see any of the new colors available for ‘21s on the build site- Ocean Blue and Sarge are still there, but Hydro, Chief, Gecko, Snazzberry (which is the stupidest name ever imo), and Nacho aren’t. Sup with that?