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  1. Passenger air bag and putting things on the grab bar safety question

    As a prior airbag engineer, I can tell you anything not firmly attached to the vehicle can become a serious problem during a deployment event. Cell phones are an issue but there are worse things. Pens, pencils, cups with straws...anything left loose in the upper dashboard tray. These items...
  2. Technical Drawings/CAD of 2018 JLU Sport

    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but you can get almost any JEEP 3D model at I am not an affiliate or any way connected to TurboSquid. There are tons of online resources to get 3D models from.
  3. Key fob issue

    I have had similar problems but have narrowed it down to something else in the pocket causing interference with the keyfob signal. As an example...the fob will not work with my iPhone in the pocket in front of the phone between key fob and JEEP line of sight. This is most evident when trying...
  4. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    44,000 and going... no issues. I follow the maintenance plan, oil changes every 5K.
  5. Raised White Letters on KO2 Tires

    I think if you like the way it looks...go for it. if you just like to advertise for your favorite tire company... we all like brands.....go for it. But for me... I just won't ever do it. It's just one more thing I would want to keep clean...and I bought a jeep to stay dirty.
  6. Dealers refusing to do TSB?

    Yes. each one and more.
  7. Dealers refusing to do TSB?

    A little background....I took delivery on my JLUR in March 2018. So there are a number of things that need to get done...but here are just a few TSB 080942 - for all 2018 Wranglers TSB 09-012-18 All JLs built before May 2018 23-040-18 - All JLs built between 9/1/2017 and 9/1/2018 24-006-19...
  8. Right pull

    Adjustable track bars will most certainly affect the thrust angle. I had the same problem as originally stated after a lift and with front and rear adjustable track bars the thrust angles have been on the money....more importantly that pull to the right is gone
  9. Dealers refusing to do TSB?

    I am hoping the group may shed some light on this. It has been my thought that TSB are there for the dealer to use based on issues a customer is having...not based on VIN Numbers. Is this correct? I have so many issues that could be solved through the issued TSB. However because the...
  10. Front axle off center

    No idea about what their spec limits are but offsets are a problem under certain driving conditions on pavement. Not an issue when off road. Off road, you slip and slide already just part of the fun. Under wet heavy braking conditions the offset "can" cause a significant pull or make heavy...
  11. Recalls / TSB / Issues Bulletins for JL Wrangler. Check your JL for recalls.

    Dealer refusing to do TSBs - really? I have had a list of issues and since its pain to get to my dealer I held off and tried to collect them all together trying to make this easy....not turning out this way. I was told that unless the TSB is identified on their computer system for my vehicle...
  12. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    thank you.... expensive but in the long run probably its going to be less time consuming / less costly to replace a standard battery than that tiny aux battery we have now that is stuffed below everything. Going to have add this to my list too.
  13. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    UPDATE: Received the dreaded call back from the dealer today stating both the main battery and the aux battery would need to be replaced for $650 since I was past 36,000 miles. Luckily for me its not going to be that bad but regardless I think a different battery solution is in order. For...
  14. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Mine is currently in the shop for a new battery since it has not been working for the last 15,000 miles. So some might ask why would I fix it if nothing else is wrong. Well with 40,000 miles on my JLUR I can tell you that the benefit is not when I am offroad or typical city driving. For...
  15. Parking brake isn’t straight

    going to contact FCA on it and see where that goes.
  16. Parking brake isn’t straight

    Yours is like mine....on the absolute messed up side. Sorry you got one of these. There are many like it...unfortunately.
  17. Parking brake isn’t straight

    Mine is the same way..... it looks off and annoys me each time I see it that way. Had my dealer look at it too. I was told they are all that way. However ever after looking at various JLs .... they all have it but some are far worse than others. Mine falls in the worse than others...
  18. Aluminum Bumper Safety

    Air bag individual sensors are something you might have found in the 90's on many cars. Initial system consisted of 4 to five sensors located in the engine compartment, passenger compartment and trunk areas. They never existed in the bumpers. The sensor has to have time to react to the...
  19. Aluminum Bumper Safety

    The bumper on JEEPs are specifically designed to provide the correct crash pulse characteristic needed to deploy the air bag under the specific conditions that warrant an air bag deployment. This goes for steel or plastic etc. Hitting a deer is actually not that bad of an impact with respect...
  20. Aluminum Bumper Safety

    Jeeps Plastic bumpers..... the name really doesn't state what they are made of but what the outer shell is. Much like a modern car with a plastic covering to hide the real bumper inside. The important thing is not the outer material but the "system" defined as the covering, the foam core...