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  1. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    SAME!!! we leave thursday next week.
  2. Rubicon 37s no lift

    evo half rack.
  3. Steer Smart setup, what stabilizer?

    yes. i just crossed 1000 miles on my full SS yeti set up with synergy brace at stock height.
  4. Delete FAD or Keep It

    agreed 7500 miles on my two piece shafts and i'm glad i went that route. but as listed before, the only benefits are on road.
  5. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    this makes complete sense to me, imagine being on the jeep side dealing with all of these incompetent service departments.
  6. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    no issues i can report, but i didnt do the install. i had my boy slide them in when he did the gears.
  7. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    i have had the 2 piece shafts in mine for 8000 road miles and a few trail rides in there and i love them. had a little grease puke out at the very beginning, but after that they have been awesome!!
  8. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    im gonna be a rock stacking SOB, co-driving on dot37s in the hammers isn't exactly the workout i wanted, but ill take it.
  9. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    yes and yes were going to give 4500 a run in February
  10. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    as of today, we will be out there early july, but that date has moved a couple times. we are waiting for Jimmy's to finish a car, if that happens a couple weeks late we should be out there at the same time. ill get back to you if the date changes (again)
  11. Steer Smart setup, what stabilizer?

    i did all that with the exception of the track bar brace, i used the Synergy brace because it also braced the sector shaft of the steering box. i cant tell you which piece worked, but the combo of them all tightened my steering up to the first day i drove it off the lot. (i hate "better than...
  12. Roof cargo bags? i love these. they work great above the jeep or in the carrier on the bumper.
  13. iPad installation for rear passenger viewing?

    we struggle with this as well. i have thought about fabbing something to hang from the cage, but i havn't gotten very far.
  14. JL tool set .... fail

    that kit does not have the t50 needed for the doors
  15. Fire result of transmission failure

    thanks for putting all that up there. makes me wonder about mine.
  16. Ultimate no-lift goal

    not sure. i dont think the fender would rip off at hwy speeds, but im sure it would buffer and shake without some sort of stabilization. i'm using the optional kit from AAL that bolts through the end of the fender, because it didnt like how much it was moving.
  17. 6-Speed Manual Transmission no longer available, until fixed

    thats good info - is that 1% of total production, or 1% of manuals produced? they are definitely bringing all the manuals in for a look... The recall population includes all 2018-2020 MY Jeep Wrangler vehicles equipped with a manual transmission. The suspect period began on August 23, 2017...
  18. Ultimate no-lift goal

    Can confirm as well
  19. The clutch gang!

    there is no fucking way CARPET is going to stop clutch and pressure plate shrapnel from coming though your legs.
  20. track bar/ sector shaft brace

    it almost like there are too many components to a steering system for one aftermarket piece to cure all of the steering issues...