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  1. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    The parts I need to create my rear license plate bracket/light mount... Simple enough...
  2. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Ok thanks - yeah I was also wondering if wind noise could be an issue - say with windows rolled down and at certain speeds maybe there's more noise, or whistling etc...
  3. Rock Hard Aluminum Muffler Skid Plate Install

    Heads up - I won't be installing this for a few weeks... But just couldn't wait to start the thread lol WHY DID I GET THIS - On my very first off-road adventure in my Jeep, I was way up out of reception range on a FSR barreling along... Now nothing's changed in my methods in the last 2 months...
  4. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Any MPG difference you've noticed over the time you've had it? Or any other observations?
  5. Alloy vs. Steel bumpers

    Wow - no doubt there...
  6. Amfib Snorkel by Rugged Ridge reviews?

    Also looking into this... Install looks fun LOL which seems to be something I hunt out now almost more than if something is useful :CWL: I just want to work on fun projects on the Jeep. But it's good to hear a little about what the real life benefits could be... Would match my Jeep as is out...
  7. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    WEIGHT: 44.5lbs Me without bumper: Me with bumper: As with the front, the work in the bumper including the welds is top notch. No scuffing anywhere in the paint etc... Sensor holes front and back: HArdware etc: So from here I'll do what I did last time. I'll remove the...
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It bothers me how many wicked bumpers there are out there... and only if there was a way to quickly swap them LOL I'd have like 5 by now I'd want to rotate through... That one - is awesome...
  9. 4L Question

    Just wanted to let you know I actually read your post -thanks for taking the time!
  10. 4L Question

    Oh and Based on the great and lively comments here in this thread - I was also able to test - repeatedly LOL - this hill I could not get up today - and trying it with pedal down, spinning away and climbing... But then also - just start from zero with barely any gas, letting traction do its...
  11. Alloy vs. Steel bumpers

    Just want to say regarding weight... I replaced my stock plastic JLU bumper with a Rugged Ridge HD full width steel bumper. The factory 'plastic' bumper was 33lbs, and the RR weighed exactly 60lbs Not much of a difference... Just drive with a 1/4 tank less gas to make up the difference :CWL:
  12. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    Rear bumper out for delivery... I'm excited... but having to lose like 1/2 of my condo living room for the next week or so is tough :CWL: It shows an estimated weight of 40lbs... That would be nice but I'll weigh it once it arrives :rock:
  13. Hood locks

    BOLT- first addition I did to my Jeep just after I bought it. Read countless stories and reviews around the web about locking latches being pried open... Plus - it was a fun first mod to perform to get the hang of the types of clips the Wrangler uses for keeping things attached like the grille...
  14. 4L Question

    Alright. I drove 100km today to get to another mountain road that was too steep with too much snow just to verify and you, and anyone else who mentioned that is correct. I was able to pay more attention and yes it's the feeling like when the ABS kicks in, that grinding kind of stuttery (I made...
  15. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Another weekend Down!
  16. 4L Question

    Thanks everyone - always good to get different view points. Ultimately I'm glad you can't do any damage to the gears etc when in 4L if your tires cannot rotate and you have the gas down!
  17. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    I know right? Getting the weight of parts - no matter what it is - seems to usually be omitted from product pages which is frustrating when you actually care about it :CWL:
  18. 4L Question

    I'm so glad you said that LOL 1. I thought I was grinding something to death lol 2. I had to retreat - then went back up in 4H and with momentum I was able to get 10 feet farther lol but it was a good learning experience for me :)
  19. 4L Question

    Here's a newbie question: If You're in 4L and you're going up a hill - and it is covered in 12" of snow - and the hill starts getting steeper and steeper - so the Jeep is going slower and slower - and then it keeps getting steeper (Now it's at about 20% grade for the last kick)--> Is there a...