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  1. Why can’t we get discounts like this?

    Wanna see a dealership scam, here is the sheet my daughter got when she took her Jeep in to get an oil change today. I was like wow that’s something.
  2. Why can’t we get discounts like this?

    except they have like 6 or 7 priced that way. I’ve heard this scam before but in all the dealers I’ve dealt with over the years I’ve not run into it before. I guess I’m lucky. Of course I typically don’t buy the base model though.
  3. Why can’t we get discounts like this? I know it’s not a Wrangler but thought I would share, I’ve seen some hefty discounts but damn. Amazing how just a body style can change pricing. Makes you wonder just how much profit they...
  4. Wave Snob

    It’s like the Jeep wave though. When I’m on the Road King I get waves from everyone but when I’m on the Fatbob I get nothing. The Fatbob is like the Cherokee lol, plus the wave is more like pointing at the ground as you pass each other now. I guess that’s a cooler wave.
  5. Badmouthing Jeep

    I find that blocking the Keyboard commando/trolls/douches has been much better. Usually the haters that constantly bitch aren’t posting anything productive anyway. I haven’t seen a member yet with good solid helpful posts that also posts a bunch of hate or ridicule people.
  6. How well do the safety packages work?

    I have it and love it, never had a false positive. It’s an FCA system but not on the Jeep though so maybe different system because the sensor is in the front grill and it has lane departure plus auto parking which isn’t on the Jeep I don’t think. I just like the adaptive cruise while in stop and...
  7. Hummer is coming back..... electric pickup under GMC brand

    Made me throw up a little in my mouth on that one.
  8. You paid what??? You got ripped!!!

    I agreed to pay child support until my kids were 23. Not my finest hour.
  9. First real world diesel rubicon mpg test

    Pretty cool but weird that it has a cap. My ‘18 dually was capless on the fuel but still had the DEF cap.
  10. Hummer is coming back..... electric pickup under GMC brand

    To see the look on a woke tree huggers face when they find out your Hummer is more green than their hybrid Prius. The wife had a Hummer when we first got together and while I liked the look it still had the cheap plastic interior from all GMs of the late 90s early 2000s. It was cool that it was...
  11. Crashed JLUR needs new frame (backordered until at least March)

    Carvana’s estimate tool takes accidents into account. Just type in year model info first to get a clean value then do one with your vin typed in and it will calculate value based on the history. I did this with our 2010 Wrangler and it dropped the value about 20% between the two values because...
  12. My bikini 2 door didn’t make the cut traded for a minivan

    we still have 4 wranglers left even though the white one barely qualifies as it’s a 2wd lol. We have plans for that one on a 4wd conversion with the rubicrawler.
  13. My bikini 2 door didn’t make the cut traded for a minivan

    Nah I already had the 4 door Rubicon. I needed the minivan and just didn’t make sense to keep all the Wranglers. To be honest if I knew we were going to end up with the JLU I wouldn’t have even bought the Sport but hindsight..
  14. Popping your DIY cherry

    They only thing I did to the Sport was add power door lock latches, suspension, wheels/tires and the rock rails. Didn’t get a chance to do anything major before I traded it. Feels good knowing exactly what’s going on and how it was done vs hoping the dealer did it correctly.
  15. My bikini 2 door didn’t make the cut traded for a minivan

    Yea I wish I could drive one for work. I was surprised what they gave me for trade. Wranglers have really good value. Being a 2 door and a sport hurt me though. Giving me what I wanted for the wheel/tires was pretty surprising as dealers usually don’t give you anything for upgrades. We had the...
  16. My bikini 2 door didn’t make the cut traded for a minivan

    I made the decision to go back to a personal vehicle for work even though the new tax law isn’t that favorable to it (sucks actually) but with weighing the pros and cons it makes the best choice. That left me with what to use because as a family we all have Jeeps. I’ve tried to use our...
  17. UConnect 5 Crashes with iOS 12.1.x

    My phone auto updated last night to 13.1.2 and now my system is resetting. I’ve been reading about all the crap with ios13 and said to myself I was going to hold off but apparently the mothership setting was left on by me. Can’t even carry on a phone conversation.. Now a $30 Lyft ride back from...
  18. Leather smell overwhelming

    Nothing smells as good as a king ranch or longhorn Laramie. You haven’t smelled leather seats until you smell those. Wish the Jeep had that. The Rubi we have has leather and it wasn’t too bad, my sport smells more so without the leather.
  19. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    We liked my 2 door so much we got a 4 door rubicon. We like the black top and fenders.
  20. My first time in Canada..

    To install and program adaptive robotic arms Good stuff and will change lives. It’s pricey but makes huge differences. I’m headed back in the morning so not too much more time left.