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  1. Maximus-3 JL Classic Hoop

    Great thank you!
  2. Maximus-3 JL Classic Hoop

    Cool! Do you know if the the tow loops are compatible with the Warn winch plate?
  3. Maximus-3 JL Classic Hoop

    @Maximus-3 do you also manufacture the red D-ring brackets for the Rubicon steel bumper? Been looking for a set for my JL.
  4. New Mopar Ultimate Dana 44 Performance Axles (JPP Ultimate Dana 44 AdvanTEK)

    Based on everything else we've heard from MOPAR throughout the JL's rollout, these won't be out for another 2 years at best. Remember when they said tube doors, snorkels, and a lift kit for the 2 door would be available at launch?
  5. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    Can't wait for their rear bumper and snorkel
  6. Maximus-3 JL Classic Hoop

    Love. What light mount is that?
  7. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    It's honestly such a disappointment. I've reached out to Gobi Rack numerous times to ask about a 2--door version and have never received anything in response. Actually, I got a read receipt from them once lol.
  8. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    will it be possible to mount off-road lights on it?
  9. JL Sliding Roof Rack

  10. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    They updated the software for the electronic steering. Dealer was Koons.
  11. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    I was experiencing the steering issue until I brought it to the dealer to fix. The steering is still a little vague but I'd say it is acceptable and on par with the 2012 JKU I traded in. Definitely better than before.
  12. If you could order your perfect jeep.....

    My top choice would be the Jeep Shortcut from EJS 2016. To do something similar with a 2 door JL would be even better, especially if the windshield could be made more vertical again.
  13. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Has anyone had success getting a winch installed in the DMV region? I was thinking about going to the new 4 Wheel Parts in Glen Bernie but have heard mixed reviews. Also trying to avoid dealerships because they charge through the nose. Would be a Warn Zeon 8S or 10S winch installed on a rubicon...
  14. Does JL really stand for "Jeep Life"?

    Pretty sure Jeep enthusiasts just started calling it the JL (next letter in the alphabet after JK) long before the vehicle was officially announced and Jeep just went with what the community named it.
  15. New Method 701 question

    Those are fresh. What size tires?
  16. New Method 701 question

    Just ordered a set of 5 MR701s with BFG's new KM3 in LT295/70/17. Went with a slightly smaller tire (compared to a 35 or 315) since I have a two door and don't plant on lifting more than 1 or 2 inches. The 295 is about an inch taller than the stock LT285 K02 and less than a half inch wider...
  17. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    So I picked my 2Dr JLR up from the dealership last week with Off Road Pages preloaded into my 8.4". I used it multiple times and was actually one of the first features of the JL I would show friends/ family when they saw the Jeep for the first time. However, yesterday I noticed that the Off Road...
  18. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    This has been my exact experience! So annoying.