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  1. Undisclosed JL Ball joint replacement time/cost

    To try and solve my on going death wobble issue, I’m swapping out stock ball joints with Dynatrac HD all steel ones. After $700 and waiting a month to get the ball joints, I called my local mech to have them installed and his shop manager quoted me almost $800! He told me it takes 6 hours...
  2. Will a new Mojave steel steering knuckle direct replace aluminum one on Rubicon?

    Yes, those guys! But Dynatrac will probably charge $2k for them
  3. Will a new Mojave steel steering knuckle direct replace aluminum one on Rubicon?

    I gave that up. Maybe its a flash back? Google is ur friend. I was told by steersmarts and google search confirms it. The rubicons have aluminum steering knuckles. Aluminum steering boxes and gears too BTW. Maybe you need a toke? ;)
  4. Will a new Mojave steel steering knuckle direct replace aluminum one on Rubicon?

    I was told it might help with the death wobble issue I've been fighting. Are they an easy direct no modify swap? Where can I get them? Does anyone have the part # for them?
  5. Death Wobble Without Stabilizer

    I'm watching this thread as I too have been suffering with bad Wobble O' Death for over a year now with our 2019 JLUR. It showed up when we put on a rockkrawler 3.5" longarm lift and 35" tires on new rims with more backset. We had it "covered up" with a Fox Steering Stabilzer 2.5 for a while but...
  6. Steering Service Bulletin Denied - Advice Please

    Since we had installed a RockKrawler longarm 3.5" lift with 35" tires, we've had bad death wobble on our 2019 JLRU. Can't hardly drive it over 35mph. It's 1.5 years old and has 5k miles on it. We tried adding steersmarts yeti steering tie-rod and drag-link but that didn't fix it. Steersmarts...
  7. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Can you see a difference between these two bumpers? Is it me or do they look almost identical? But they are...
  8. Evo Mfg Bolt On Coilovers

    "Throw me a frickin' bone here. I'm the boss. Need the info..." :)
  9. Old man bad back suspension

    "Scary" in what way? How does mid-arm compare to short and long? Are mid-arms better (more travel, better ride) than short arm but cost less than long arm or is it the compromise thing that does neither well? This jeep is just a "FunMobile" for running around town topless during the summer and...
  10. Doors Off Driving Just Impractical?

    Finally, there is an advantage to losing my hair! "Jeep scalp don't care!" We had a similar experience. Last week it finally was sunny and dry an in the low 60's so I took off the freedom top and front doors. My wife and I and 10 yr old daughter were about freezing to death by the time we got to...
  11. Old man bad back suspension

    I'm going to go with a small lift just so I can get 37" tires that will give me a little more sidewall flex and clearance under the pumpkin. (already dragged my 2nd time off road). I think I'm gonna go with the MetalCloak RockSport. As to lift kits, do long arms make a difference in ride quality...
  12. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    Anyone have any complaints, cons etc to the Teraflex lifts? I'm strongly considering them just because they are helpful on the phone and have good youtube videos with a sense of humor. Oh, and their call waiting system always tells me "You are number 1"! :)
  13. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    The options are overwhelming! Has anyone started a lift comparison matrix/spreadsheet? It would be great to be able to see side x side the which kits have what features and pros and cons. Which ones have which shocks, adjustable control arms, variable rate shocks, corrosion resistant coatings...
  14. Suggestions for a New Jeep Owner

    I've turned a 180. I also started out buying a rubicon to be a "toad" behind an RV with occasional off road use. So I had planned to leave it stock and not do anything but drive it around topless during nice weather. However, I made a mistake and took a drive with the kids up in the mountains...
  15. Old man bad back suspension

    Thanks for the suggestions. If that seat made me look like Mathew McConaughey, my wife would definitely be happy to splurge on it whether it helped my back or not! (she went to UT Austin with him). I have a similar air-ride seat in my JohnDeere which is awesome! I don't know much about...
  16. Winching/Recovery 101

    I fully second that! I broke my front differential trying to pull something in reverse. It was a rockwell 2.5ton axle with ARB air locker in it. I was trying to move a 50' highcube shipping container with my deuce and a half. I never did get it fixed. I just disengaged the hubs and left it. I...
  17. New Owner, w/some questions.

    My sales guy, older guy that had been around the block a few times and selling jeeps for 16 years, said to wait until 500 miles to use 4WD as part of the break-in! Any idea why or what that would accomplish?
  18. Winching/Recovery 101

    I've never understood why winches evolved to be on the front of vehicles. Why wouldn't they be on the rear to pull you back out of trouble instead of the front where they often pull you further into trouble?
  19. Old man bad back suspension

    Heyall, First time Jeep owner! I Just picked up a new JLUR. Now I wonder why I didn't get one of these years ago! My old F350 long bed crew cab is just too big and rough riding for me anymore. I'm hoping to get back out in the woods and around the ranch with my kids but screwed up my back a...