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  1. US spec Rubicon Fenders

    Double black has the usa spec rubicon flares for sale now for $1400
  2. Extra fuel

    How do you find the side rack when off road on the narrow bush tracks?
  3. Extra fuel

    Alamein you have the 3.6P correct there seems to be no aux tank for the 2.2D, guessing this is to do with the adblue ..
  4. Extra fuel

    No Auxiliary tank for the 2.2D yet. Guessing 40L maybe. Is that spare wheel tank legal in Aus . Wonder if it will fit the JL
  5. Extra fuel

    Wondering what solutions people are using to carry extra fuel for a longer trips besides jerry cans inside the car.
  6. 2.2lt diesel JLUR snorkel AU A few of us have fitted this snorkel now, here's the link
  7. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    So today I finally fitted the snorkel all went pretty smooth right up till trying to fit the cowling into the fender ... what a cluster F that was just didn't fit no matter how much I twisted, pushed, pulled, swore. The molding on the air inlet was fowling on the bottom of the A pillar. To...
  8. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    spoke to the main work dude at jeep dealership, was saying catch can is a thing of the past for the JL due to the adblue keeping the manifold clean. This been said personal I have no clue about adblue.
  9. 2.2lt diesel JLUR snorkel AU

    Hi Jessie Got one just haven't fitted it yet. Double black off road in Vic is selling them now. Fits both 2.2D and the 3.6P ( gladiator I believe)
  10. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    If we could find a 295/75 R17 it would be awesome 34.4 and 11.6 wide so legal all round.
  11. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Double black's are nice but I couldn't afford to do rims and tyres $3800 then flares aswell. Need to save the penny's
  12. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    I am looking at the black rhinos rims 17 x 9 with +18mm offset for the same reasons, trying to get a rim to fit under the guards is the hard part. Best place for rims I have found so far is The Wheel Deal in Boronia they do packages as well with tyres.
  13. Winch installation and Warranty

    I went with smittybilt gen 3 12k(had warn hi mount didn't fit JL) slower speed only at 12000 pull but the power it draws(amps) is a lot less 375 amp 1.6m per minute vs 430 amp 1.85m per minute. Then look at warranty 12 months on dominator vs 5 years electric/life time mechanical for smitty...
  14. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Woot part of the family now ... thunder from down under.
  15. AU Rubicon Fenders

    Bikini is the bomb mate looks amazing in real life. There is a fully optioned one sitting in Quarantine in Melbourne if you want the vin for the dealer will be released in 2 weeks.
  16. Tracking build

    Well I have it at last. Really happy with the colour way better in real life then pictures as everyone has said... the Dash is a lot less offensive the I thought. Pretty stoked with it.
  17. Tracking build

    Well they are shipping a car from Sydney to Melbourne for me now as the one on the boat is not been released by customs. But 22 days to get it from Sydney to Melbourne by transport they are telling me..totally full of shit if it is not delivered by Saturday next week I will buy a ranger instead...
  18. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Nice rig mate, Just wondering what rims are you running (offset as well please )
  19. What would you buy if jeep didn't exist.

    I am coming from the Prince of darkness, been a landy man for nearly 30 years and I really wanted to stay with live axles and wanted new car. The new defender I think is not true to it badge they have gone soft. The new grendier looks good but how long till it is released who knows. Tacoma is...
  20. What would you buy if jeep didn't exist.

    Joe it is the 4 delivery dates and the manager lying about the first one to jeep Australia it was on time they just wanted $1700 For the extra options I didn't order, Covid never caused a delay with the second car arrived on time from USA but can't be delivered atm(on to car 3 now). They just...