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  1. FCA quality control!!!!

    It's not just FCA. There's no QC anywhere for anything. Screwed up online grocery, take out missing stuff, crap ringing up wrong at the cash register, tire shop lug nut mishaps, missed medical diagnosis, the list of half assery goes on and on. Just part of this existence. I'm a realist after all...
  2. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    Some impressive deals were made in this thread. Hard to get a decent Wrangler deal in Colorado. My new 2019 2dr sport, v6, hardtop, auto, ac. MRSP $34.2K, bought with $4K discount for $30.2K.
  3. Little Gap between the Seats that Leads to Another Universe

    I just went this route. Glad you mentioned it. I wouldn't have immediately considered the black foam pipe insulation tubing. I could barely get to the gap with my fingers on the driver's side. With this it's rigid enough to push it into place from the front and then push down. I've had keys...
  4. Little Gap between the Seats that Leads to Another Universe

    Great tip. Thanks for the heads up. Just went out to check it out and sure enough, it would suck bigtime to have something important fall and slide into that gap.
  5. What aftermarket battery are you running?

    I appreciate hearing it is only a 30 min job. I should have been more specific. 2 hours for me to get to that little battery with with my arthritic hands and bad back. I would be embarrassed to publicly admit how long it took me to instal my bestop sunrider for hardtop. Those f'n little "S"...
  6. What aftermarket battery are you running?

    All batteries eventually fail. The best part with the Genesis is everything is up on top now and you don't have to dismantle 2 hours of crap just to get to a battery.
  7. What aftermarket battery are you running?

    Thanks. When the time comes I will also use smart stop/start or other module to make sure ESS doesn't ever accidently engage while I'm in the hack/single battery config. If it doesn't work long-term technically or fit my needs then I'll have to make new decisions.
  8. What aftermarket battery are you running?

    There have been a few people on this forum that followed the Jebiruph ESS battery bypass method. Remove the aux ESS little battery's ground connection on the main battery post to isolate it and put a fused jumper between n1 and n2 terminals in the fuse box to trick the system into thinking the...
  9. It's a "Jeep Thing"!!!!!!!

    I bought my 2019 JL Sport on jan 20, 2020. Base with V6, hardtop, AC, and auto. It only as 3K miles on it now. Pandemic has put a damper on driving places. Stock other than tire upgrade and bestop sunrider for hardtop. So far zero issues other than one cold drive the radio volume screen popped...
  10. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    The Vette went to make room for the JL. But here's my 1981 NotRod Toyota SR5 Beach Cruiser. Has stock 22R with 97 Fire breathing horse power. OK, no muscles but it's been a daily fun ride since my then 13 year old son and I converted it to a hardtop convertible in 1993.
  11. Auto start/stop rant

    I don't use ESS unless by accident. I push the button to disable at startup but sometimes I must be too quick before it decides diagnostics are done and it doesn't engage the bypass. I have to keep an eye on the yellow indicator light to make sure ESS is actually deactivated. No biggie really...
  12. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Thanks. I love this fun 2 door sport. The Bestop Sunrider has been open all summer only to close when caught in a rain event. It's a little breezy with it open and both windows rolled down when there is the slightest hint of wind going on. Some quick gusts almost knock my shades off my face...
  13. The Best Sports Car To Drive The Coast Of California Is A Wrangler

    I see this is an old thread but will still comment. Coming from corvettes over 20 years and going to my Jl Sport I think it is the best sports car to drive the coast. We are planning to do just that once all the COVID-19 pandemic crap is under control starting from our home at 6200 feet...
  14. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Thanks. I went with 265 70 17 C rated.
  15. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    My favorite color is Yellow. I was inspired be the new C8.R silver/yellow striped Corvette race car to punch up the Billet Silver and bring a little HellaYella vibe from the cockpit.
  16. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Hood Blackout in Yellow, Yellow Jeep side overlay. At 6'3" Squatch Life seemed appropriate for when the bestop sunrider is open, and a little colorful fun on the back.
  17. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    Maybe things have changed with them since the pandemic. I ordered my twill Bestop sunrider for hardtop 3 days after getting my JL sport the end of Jan 2020. I first did a search for promo codes and found a Jeep parts company that had one for $85 off. I used that code on the Bestop site and got...
  18. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Got my 2019 Sport Jan 20, 2020. Pandemic put a big crimp in our plans but finally last week got the tires I wanted. My first target was a Hella Yella Sport but couldn't find one. Inspired by the new C8.R corvette silver/yellow stripe race car color scheme I added a yellow view from my Billet...
  19. Did you sell your muscle car for a Jeep?

    I traded in my 1999 FRC (hardtop) Corvette after 11 fun years of cruising for a JL Sport. I was ready for a change and to check off Wrangler from my bucket list. I miss the Vette once in a while but do love the year round any road condition sporting drive of the wrangler. from this- To this -
  20. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    I envy the Hella Yella club. I looked and looked for one optioned the way I wanted but couldn't find one within 500 miles. Ones I found were more heavily optioned & unwilling to deal. Ordering one meant full MRSP here. I settled on my targeted JL Sport found on the lot optioned exactly as I...