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  1. Question About Sahara Running Boards

    Sold mine for $100 recently. As others have said, throw them on some of the local sites and someone will bite, just be patient.
  2. Texas Mopar side steps (4 door) - $100

    OEM side steps for 4 door JL. Bought aftermarket steps to replace these. Comes with all mounting hardware. Located in Austin. $100
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That’s every year
  4. 2021 premium sound system is improved

    Pleased with my 2021 sport altitude stereo
  5. Texas 2020 RECON takeoff Performance Rails (82215165AB)

    Still available?
  6. Texas Rubicon Rock Rails off a new 2020 4 door- $100

    Still available?
  7. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Yes yours do. Mine look nothing like that, and as you know it's not possible to adjust them with the way they bolt up.
  8. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    No lift or track bar installed, just picked up the JL last week. I tried to take the picture at the same angle and point both ways. I've already taken them off and am returning them through Amazon.
  9. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    I wish I was. Here they are flush with the front tire, and we’ll beyond the rear.
  10. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Looks like you’re 100% correct, I went and gave it another look. The body tapers as it gets to the rear door in front of the wheel well and the rails looks straight. Also just called a buddy with the same rails and he went out and checked and he said his is the same way and said he’d never...
  11. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    No spacers on the smittybilt.
  12. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Correct, and with the nuts only started on each of the bolts, it never can line up evenly. They are right/left specific, and only go on one way. Couldn’t put them on the wrong side even if you tried.
  13. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Tried that where they were completely loose. Even with that, I can’t ever get them even.
  14. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    I made sure all holes were lined up correctly multiple times. Thought it was weird on one side, but it’s more odd that both sides look like that.
  15. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Installed a set of the Smittybilt 77634 this afternoon and noticed that they look very uneven if you look at them from the front or rear. It’s the same on the both sides where the front seems way more tucked in than the rear. Anyone else notice/experience this?
  16. Don’t forget Bonusdrive money
  17. Pricing and Competition Speculation

    Exact same thought process here