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  1. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    My RC Vertex are not IFP shocks. IFP shocks have more limited travel per shock length because the internal piston takes up room in the stroke of the shock. The lack of internal piston is why these shocks can use the stock bump stops but have increased travel.
  2. Tazer Mini needs to stay married?

    Thank you Jay for the awesome explanation. I discovered that if you uplug the Tazer to go to the dealer and dont plug the connectors back into the SGW that the 8.4 screen doesnt boot, but the vehicle is still driveable. I have only taken mine to the dealer once, and did not unmarry the...
  3. Understanding JL Rake

    I did some spring coil wire diameter measurements a year ago. Comparing my Rubicon 2-door with tow package, hard top, and steel bumper group to an identical optioned 4-door model. I found the 4-door front spring wire diameter a tad SMALLER and the rear spring diameter a tad BIGGER than my...
  4. Putting on a Magnuson Supercharger -lets build!

    2019 3.6 here. I run 87 octane all the time and never noticed any pinging at all. Mine currently has 7k+ miles. On almost any stock engine, if you bump the compression by decreasing the squish clearance (say, going from 0.050" to 0.035"), you often actually INCREASE the octane tolerance of...
  5. Airing up tires after off roading?

    Ive used an MV90 for years and recently bought one of the Smittybilt units. The Smittybilt unit flat-out gets it done!
  6. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    Fully compressed, they the same as stock. They are just made of a little more durable material and a little longer so a tad more progressive.
  7. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    I havent noticed any "stiffening" unless the clickers are adjusted higher. Position 1 feels pretty plush yet way more controlled than stock. I usually run mine on position 2 everywhere other than the 'dunes, and position 8 (max) in the 'dunes. If anything, I feel I could use a tad more...
  8. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    I occasionally beat mine really hard in the sand dunes and they work great. Its nice to have shocks perform well enough you can carry enough speed to skip accross the tops of the whoops.
  9. for snow/ice- KO2 or Goodyear Kevlars?

    Ive been very disappointed with MTR Kevlars in snow and ice. I will never run them again. In fact, my cousin running an older set of 33-10.50 KO2's walked right around me in the snow once and mine were 35-12.50's. They are a pretty hard rubber and dont grip well in those conditions. In fact...
  10. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    I yanked my springs out and lowered the full weight of the jeep onto the Durosprings to measure the shock bottoming, and there was still travel left on the shocks with the Durosprings half compressed by the weight.
  11. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    Im using Metalcloak bump stop replacements that are stouter than stock, but they dont change the bottoming height. They just take more of a beating than the stock ones do.
  12. WTB Rubicon fender flares

    $300. Located in West Richland. They are complete, only needing some of those clippy things that hold them on. No cut wire harness.
  13. WTB Rubicon fender flares

    I have a set, with leds and liners. Factory matte black.
  14. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Same here. Got mine back today with same results. Noticeably improved sensitivity in the steering.
  15. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Had my 2-door completed today at the local dealer. -correct box installed -correct mount bolts installed She drove noticeably sharper on the drive home. The slop is definitely tightened and steering more precise. I have a 2" spacer lift, 35's, and aftermarket fenders/liners and they gave...
  16. 1-1.5" lift with 37’s possible?

    From what I can tell, all the aftermarket inner fenders actually have a tad less total clearance than the stock plastic ones. To run 37's, you need to add about an inch or more to the bump stop (limit up-travel). I currently run OEDRO fender flares...
  17. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    Sorry, got numbers mixed up. You are correct. Mine are for 2-3" lift, but these dont require any bump stop changes. You can run them with no lift. They compress to nearly the exact same length as the stock Rubicon shocks, but add more travel because they have longer extension than the...
  18. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    The Vertex shocks for 2-3" work perfect with 35's. They work great with absolutely no lift, and even work great with a 2" spacer lift.
  19. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    I have the Rough Country Vertex shocks for 2-3" lift. They extend the travel 3" more than the stock Rubicon shocks, but dont require any change in bump stops. Performance is impressive on and offroad.
  20. Which Shocks

    I have Rough Country 2.5 Vertex adjustable remote reservoir shocks on my JL and love them! So much better than stock on and off road.