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    Sorry no, mine has been leak free since day one which is well over a year now.
  2. Anyone familiar with the Suntop?

    Looks really good. Have you run with the windows out but the top still on? Any flapping? I don't see much of a support system for the cabin part of it, I wonder how it stays still and keeps rain from pooling.
  3. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    Of course you wave, it's a Wrangler hybird.
  4. Ocean Blue: black or body-colored top & fenders?

    Love the blue/blue combo. Very eye catching. I install the soft top for the summer, so I get the contrast look for a couple of months, but the solid look for the rest. This is a crappy picture after I first picked it up, but still.
  5. Anyone going to install Mopar Performance Rock Rails on their Rubicon?

    There are the bolts that fit up into the body at each of the three locations (vertical as you say), so you do have other support besides the (horizontal as you say) pinch seam bolts. The pinch seam will be fine either way as base Sports don't have anything on the pinch seams at all so a missing...
  6. Steering wheel wobble?

    Yup, that's the mo. Perfect when new, as wear ensues it becomes worse.
  7. Updated front trackbar with stiffer bushings coming to help cure STEERING issues 68394087AA

    I was the same at that mileage. My steering wheel shimmy didn't start unitl about 7000 miles, so hopefully you stay solid.
  8. Let's see how bad the Uconnect issues are!

    Same with me. I've narrowed down when it happens. For me, it's only after I've been driving, park, shut the Jeep off, then return fairly quickly and start it again. That's when it won't allow me to change apps. So say like getting gas, or running into the store and returning etc. I've...
  9. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    And on the way down you just put your hand underneath the hard top and push the strap release and it lowers as slow or fast as you want. It is the best way, really. Lowering ratchet straps suck.
  10. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    I have a photo somewhere, but I use the pull tension straps rather then the ratchet. Pull and lift and you are done. Easy peasy and cheap. Been doing this for years going back to my JK.
  11. Need suggestions for side mirrors

    I'll only say this once. The best mirror set up with integrated foot pegs that are scary easy to put on and stay put. Kikbax. The best solution bar none.
  12. White Knuckle Rock Sliders for the JLUR

    Another company that feels the need to throw their branding all over their product where it's obnoxiosly obvious to look at. Sorry, just had to vent, they look nice except for the white lettering that stands out....well at lest the WK cut in the steel is fairly subdued.
  13. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    I don't have a 2 door, but it's basically the same as my front for the 4 door. I'm 6'1 and my head is fine with the Alien shade with no hat, but if I wear a baseball hat the brim is almost bumping on the shade. It is no doubt a little lower than a JTop.
  14. Sliders / Step sides / Rock rails

    Mopar enhanced rock rails. Exactly what you are looking for. Bolt right on like stock and are not obnoxiously large, just perfect.
  15. Quick! Dealer made mistake. what to do

    No way to prove of course, but what weather have you see that much of a jump? Granted, I've never lived in the desert or in an extreme temperatue climate.
  16. Quick! Dealer made mistake. what to do

    It will, but it won't jump from 36 to 42.
  17. Steering wheel wobble?

    Ditto on the Falcon Nexus, the wobble is entirely gone. Now is it gone forever? Not sure. I set my Falcon up to firm and didn't really dig it. I can see it's use on the highway though, especially if you are taking a longer trip. It's amazing the difference between the Falcon and the OEM.
  18. Hardtop Creaking and Popping

    Yeah, the colder it gets, the more they creak. Lube up the seals, it should help a lot.
  19. Steering wheel wobble?

    Steering wheel wobble update. Note, I never had "death wobble" I only had the steering wheel wobble: So I finally swapped my newly dealer swapped (stabilzer was replaced under the TSB by dealer) steering stabalizer with the Tereflex Falcon Nexus 2.2. Wow, big difference. So the big positive...