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  1. Anyone know what wheels these are?

    They look like they might be Mopar wheels, but I'm not sure. Found in a Quadratec installation guide.
  2. How Hot Does Your Touchscreen Get?

    To anyone that got their screen replaced, did the heat problem go away?
  3. Permanent Change Idea with Tazer and Flashcal

    Thats exactly it. Trogdor the Burninator!!!!
  4. Permanent Change Idea with Tazer and Flashcal

    Also this lets you use your Tazer and FlashCal to help out other people with JLs enable the features they want without having to buy one.
  5. Permanent Change Idea with Tazer and Flashcal

    So I dont have to unmarry for every oil change/dealer visit. Also I can sell the Tazer/FlashCal to recoup some cost.
  6. Permanent Change Idea with Tazer and Flashcal

    I was thinking about a way to permanently save changes with a Tazer and Flashcal combined. Please read below. This is a way to change tire size, un-marry, and keep the tire size changes in tact. This means you can sell the Tazer and Flashcal and not need it anymore. Keep in mind, this...
  7. Anyone with 255/80/17 on JL Sport?

    Thanks for the info!
  8. Anyone with 255/80/17 on JL Sport?

    Just wondering if there was any rubbing on a stock Sport? Also any problems with the spare fitment? I know the 285/70/17s fit fine, but the 255/80/17 is technically slightly taller.
  9. Pics of Sport S with 285/70/17 tires on stock wheels?

    How much do the 285/70/17 tires push against the center mount tail light? I'm deciding between 255/75/17 and 285/70/17 and would prefer to not break the center light.
  10. Tazer JL Mini - $250 shipped

    Z Automotive Tazer JL Mini Originally purchased from Northridge4x4 less than a week ago. I have decided to get the Flashcal instead. My loss is your gain. This is basically new and includes original box and USB cable. It has been unmarried. Location: Seattle, WA Asking $250 shipped. SOLD
  11. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    You can see it at 7:45 in this video It switches from "LightShow?" to "LightSOFF?" to "MUShtShow?" to "LightShow?" to "LigiC how?" It appears the Jeep is fighting between showing "MUSIC OFF" and "LightShow?" on the EVIC. Wondering if there are any updates to correct this. Its very annoying...
  12. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Anyone notice with the Tazer that the menu text is fighting with the audio text? It makes it difficult to read. Sometimes the menus will disappear and the song title will appear. It will also sometimes mix the Tazer menu text with the song name and it becomes impossible to read.
  13. How Can We Help?

    Thanks for the info. If I purchase it and it doesn't work as intended, can I return with no issues? I'm hoping it will connect right up into the factory wiring. I dont mind if it works with the car off.
  14. How Can We Help?

    Do you have the wiring diagram? I'm curious if the homelink is powered through the same connector that powers the visor light or if I will need a new wiring harness.
  15. Re-Program LED Foglights?

    When upgrading from halogen to LED foglights, do you need to re-program the JL to avoid flickering or bulb warnings? I know this is needed if you upgrade the headlights or taillights, but I havent see if its required for the fogs. I'm wanting to upgrade to the steel bumper, but it only comes...
  16. How Can We Help?

    Can you find the part number for the plastic bolt that holds the rear tail lights in? Also is it possible to add homelink by replacing the sunvisor with a homelink one? (Is homelink entirely integrated into the visor or is there a transmitter thats needed elsewhere?)
  17. Tail Light Bolt

    Anyone know the part number for the plastic bolt that holds in the tail lights on the new Wrangler?
  18. Any Noticeable Difference in Power with Rubicon Tires?

    Has anyone noticed a difference in power when upgrading their Sport S from the standard wheels/tires to Rubicon takeoffs? In my experience with other vehicles, upgrading to a larger tire does make a difference. Any thoughts?
  19. Price Check 2018 Moab

    Found a dealer with a 2018 Moab. They have had it since October 2018. It had 22 miles on it when I test drove it, so I believe it has never been on a test drive. MSRP: $55000 (Invoice is $51k) Discount: $10500 Rebate: $500 Final Price: $44000 How is this deal? Its a fully loaded Moab V6...