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  1. Flowmaster Outlaw

    To all who have installed it. I have the cat back on my 2 door. How long did it take for the smell to go away? Have a hundred or so miles on mine. Still have the "new muffler burn" smell. Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    Yes I will. I apologize for not getting back to a you all on here. Been VERY hectic and crazy last few weeks with work and life in general. Hope everyone of you all stay safe during this time! Give me a few days when I'm back home and I'll get a video. Doesn't whistle really and can't hear it...
  3. Best headlight and fog light bulb

    For those out there like myself who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg for lights what's the brightest clearest halogen out there? Looking to get rid of the yellowish tint and more a white/bluish tint on my head lights and fog lights. Thanks for any input/ advice!
  4. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    Sounds deeper than mine. I have the single exit. Gonna have exhaust shop make me a piece to clamp in where the resonator is. If I don't like it I'll put it back in
  5. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    What exhaust set up you have? Resonater delete? @Tahoma
  6. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    What deck cover set up you running? Live that look! @geem03
  7. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    I'll get one and pm you with it. @Tahoma
  8. Best Bolt-On Air Intake for JL 3.6L?

    Put my airaid in tonight. I could tell a difference with response right off the bat. I think it was worth the money and upgrade. Only complaint is it will be a pain to remove filter to clean. Had an airaid on my last 4 jeeps and don't regret and never looked back. Already had an exhaust so I was...
  9. Reset ECM after installing cold air intake?

    I just did one today on mine. Put an airaid on. Could tell a difference once I left the garage with it. Didn't have to do anything
  10. Zipper wax for soft top windows

    I ordered the bestop lube. Thanks for the reply's everyone. Stay safe!
  11. Where do you store your pistol / gun?

    set mine between the e brake lever and the console while im in the jeep. when im out it goes back in my crossbreed in my waistband
  12. Moving Jeep While Door is Ajar - Trans Goes to Park???

    i did the same thing in our 19 honda pilot. i told the wife the same thing after she screamed at me lol @cosmokenney
  13. Tips/tricks for bestop trek top nx

    As stated I got a new trek top in twill for my 2 door and got on Sunday. I love it. I know it's suppose to fit tight but It is tight. I've flipped the sun rider part back to relieve tension. Watched every which way. Down in the lower corners is a pia to remove. I start at the back window. The...
  14. cleaning twill fabric trek top

    Thanks. It'll mostly be dust and dirt. Not anything heavy where'd I'd need degreaser. Figured wash it when I was the Jeep. Use the cleaner after that then the protect
  15. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    spiderweb all the way. wouldnt trade it and would do it again if i had to
  16. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    heres another went fishin yesterday morning took this on my way back to jeep as i was leaving
  17. cleaning twill fabric trek top

    use water only then bestop cleaner for it? never had a twill top till now. always use to use just regular car soap when washing. then used window cleaner for the windows. any advice or tips? Thanks
  18. Zipper wax for soft top windows

    I saw bestop makes a cleaner/lubricant. Looked at going with that but wanted to see what some others are using that could be good or just as good. Thanks for the info! Have a great day