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  1. Rear seat USB & USB-C connector standard in Rubicon, or comes with 8.4" system?

    I've got a '20 JLUR with 7" Uconnect and have the USB's and 115v jacks in back.
  2. You know your wife is cool when she....

    First, mine convinced me that the Wrangler was me, and encouraged me to buy it. Second, she’s loaded the trash in her Escape every week since I traded my F250 on the Wrangler. Third, in 25 years, she’s just always been awesome like that!! 😆😊
  3. Any regrets going automatic?

    I loved manuals when I was able. As a service disabled veteran with back problems I can’t anymore, but still want to. The last 2 trucks I had I used the “manual” overide on the auto, the JRUL, I haven’t felt the need. Smooth as “butta”. Excellent tranny, love it!!
  4. Some nastalgia

    Another, circa 1960.
  5. Some nastalgia

    Some pics of snow removal in the Great Smoky Mountains NP in 1964 with a Jeep. Pretty interesting.
  6. Two Years of Wheeling, 32 badge trails 39,000+ miles, a short report out on trail damage and general observations.

    Great write up Ted!! Thank you for sharing that, I'm up to a whopping 3300 miles on my daily driver JLUR now and loving it! I looked up the Z Locker Bypass on their website and they do a fairly good explanation about the sensor, and locker not being available, and the national shortage of DANA...
  7. Cactus Dave's Storm Trooper Rubicon Build

    Thanks, maybe I should look into getting a Tazer just in case!
  8. Cactus Dave's Storm Trooper Rubicon Build

    Amazing build!! You say the computer freaked with putting it in 4wd and releasing the sway bar. Why and how did you get past it? Thx.
  9. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    I got the JLUR, I’ve had at least a rear locker on everything I’ve owned for years, and used them a number of times on my farm. I bought one the dealer had already, it had cloth, 3.6 auto, soft top, and LED package. I honestly like them all, I tow, so I like the normally aspirated V6, cloth...
  10. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    I gotcha. I’d like to have the red belts, they look good.
  11. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    I just bought a Rubicon JLU, mine has LED headlamps, 8 spd auto, steel bumpers etc. I asked the dealer before I bought it and he said cosmetics were the only thing that couldn’t be put on the regular Rubi. He said red belts, red tool bag, and body colored fenders (which I don’t like as well as...
  12. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    From the looks of this thread the soft top is not a popular top to buy one with anymore. I may eventually get a black HT for mine but so far I’m loving the soft top. I put it down driving home from work every afternoon this week and it’s not loud at all.
  13. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    That looks great! If you don’t mind can you spell out your lift and which Warn that is for a newbie? Did you just cut out the front plate holder insert for the fairlead? Thanks.
  14. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Awesome!! I was with 22 MEU, got out ‘94. Semper Fi!
  15. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Newbie here obviously. I’ve been a 3/4 ton diesel truck owner for many year, before that a Mustang enthusiast. I’ve been in a few car shows, several rides and cruise ins, and many online groups. I’ve always admired Jeep CJ’s and Wranglers. Even as an active duty Marine in the early 90’s, with...
  16. Thankful to know Jesus!

    That’s it! Faith in Jesus alone. Confess to Him your sin, believe in Him, and then profess your belief to others. That is all there is to a complete change of direction in your purpose in life! He’s the only answer to peace!