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  1. Reset Oil Change Indicator question

    Exactly what I needed, thanks man!!!
  2. Reset Oil Change Indicator question

    Any additional info in changing the transfer case fluid? There’s tons of videos and talk about oil changes and differential fluid changes, but I can’t seem to find anything on the t-case!
  3. How to secure rear spare wheel?

    Do you have a personalized personalized license plate, funny stickers, anything they might have liked and wanted to take a picture of?
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Might be a dumb question... but I have done my own oil changes, and I also changed out both front and rear diff oil. I want to change out the t-case fluid but there seem to be much less (if any) DIY posts or videos. It seems simple enough, but can you share a bit more info please?
  5. Illinois MOAB Wheels w/ BFG 34x10.5

    Moab 17” wheels, Rubi 33” BFG’s and Rubi suspension. Now I have a Sahoacon
  6. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Now Include 3 Years of Jeep Wave Care Program (Free Maintenance)

    I used all 4 oil changes and 3 rotations on my 18, but only because it was free plus they did updates, recalls and TSB’s as well. Otherwise I’m looking forward to my own maintenance now that my wave is up.
  7. Nevada Price reduced MOAB x5 Wheels/Tires for sale $1,000 Pick up only

    Great price, someone should jump on this!
  8. Wisconsin Used Mopar Premium Twill Fabric Soft Top JL 4-Door - $1000

    Fantastic price, someone should jump on this! I paid $1600 for mine last year
  9. Thankful to know Jesus!

    Short answer, through Jesus Christ who died for all our sins.
  10. LED Light option; worth it?

    Id have to disagree friend. This is the first vehicle with halogens I’ve had in over a decade and a half, and it was just about the only option i didn’t get. Almost killed the deal but didn’t. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t get the LEDs: 1) the halogens if aimed properly are fine 2) I can’t...
  11. Thankful to know Jesus!

    Amen brother! Best decision I ever made was following Jesus, God bless.
  12. Weathertech, quadratec, Mopar, or husky for floors?

    Mopar have the drain plugs, so I went with those in front and back. WT for the cargo area.
  13. Opinion needed - Undercoating?

    This is my first Jeep and I just can’t understand why a $50k vehicle needs aftermarket rust prevention underneath. I’ve owned many less expensive vehicles and spent most of my life in the wintry mess of the Chicago area, without any rust on any other vehicle. I’m not saying it is or is not...
  14. Weathertechs or Mopar mats?

    Correct, the drain plugs are under the carpet, and if you use the Mopar mats they have drain holes, so you cut 2x 1” pieces of carpet so the mat holes fit into the floor drain holes and you can put the drain plugs in the mats.
  15. Took a young man wheeling with us and he created one of the coolest Jeep videos I have seen. It is a must watch!

    Wowowowow very nice! I own a wrangler and this makes me want another one!
  16. Illinois Delete.

  17. Insight Needed - Clunk when shifting, esp into reverse (video)

    Yes, I’m not a 16yo new driver, thank you.
  18. Insight Needed - Clunk when shifting, esp into reverse (video)

    Mine does that but only at “cold starts” when shifting into R. There are other forums but @JeepCares has not responded yet.
  19. Insight Needed - Engine Clicking Sound (video)

    Mine has done that but not all the time.
  20. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    Very surprised at everyone’s wet ratings for the KO2’s, as my experience has been downright scary in the rain. KO2 (stock Rubi): Noise - 8 Ride - 10 Dry - 10 Wet - 5 Snow - 10 Trail - x Look - 10 Overall - 9 Wear - 9 Dueller (stock Sahara): Noise - 10 Ride - 10 Dry - 10 Wet - 10 Snow - 6 Trail...