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  1. Jeep humor waiting room

    Homemade Christmas gift idea: A Squirrel Beer Cozy! Don't worry if you lack the skills to make one yourself... they are available for sale on Etsy.
  2. Jeep humor waiting room

    Oh dear.... Since this guy identifies as a deer and we are supposed to help him feel safe, accepted and empowered, I strongly urge the game wardens to count this as a clean kill.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room

    I like his style. There's a strong argument that wearing a mask makes no sense either....
  4. Jeep humor waiting room

    His brother I guess that's one way to F-over the taxpayers at Christmas.
  5. Jeep humor waiting room

    You know.... he dates the girl with no arms and no legs sunning on the beach... Sandy.
  6. Jeep humor waiting room

    No, no, no, you have him confused with that guy who has no arms and no legs and floats in the ocean.
  7. Jeep humor waiting room

    Winter is of our indoor cats threw-up a partly digested mouse in the middle of the kitchen a few days ago. Eyes obviously bigger than stomach. If he or she had planned it out a bit better they would have left if one step BEFORE the light switch so that I could have enjoyed it...
  8. Jeep humor waiting room

    If you're a bacon guy, try draping a pound of bacon over the top of your turkey's breast before it goes into the oven. One of Mom's special Thanksgiving touches!
  9. Jeep humor waiting room

    and here's some old 'Bone from my high school years.
  10. Jeep humor waiting room

    A little 1st Amendment ditty from the 80s...
  11. Jeep humor waiting room

    My favorite place on the planet so far. I'd be there now if my better half could take the winters. I am actually starting to think about summers in WY and winters somewhere warmer like SC. I think that would be a deal she could take.
  12. Jeep humor waiting room

    RIP Alex Trebec and Sean Connery (kind of)
  13. Jeep humor waiting room

    RIP Alex Trebec
  14. Rubicon dash clear coat repair?

    Since you already removed it from the vehicle, I'd sand it and spray it with a clear coat. DIY would take less than a day. You can also take it to a body shop and they will take care of it for you.
  15. Political Memes

    Yawn, fake news. This is one Patriot who will not shut up and get in line.
  16. Wharton State Forest NJ

    A place where I knew a guy with your last name and first initial. So instead of saying "how have you been", I'll just say "nice to meet you."
  17. Wharton State Forest NJ

    ever been to Roselle?
  18. Why are you voting for Biden?

    Agreed. I've said for quite some time that the church should never had permitted governments to use the word "marriage". The term marriage refers to a holy sacrament/ceremony. You don't see obstetricians or midwives claiming to perform brisses.
  19. Why are you voting for Biden?

    You know, I would love for once to have two (or more candidates) that I could say "I really like them both and will be satisfied if either won."
  20. Jeep humor waiting room

    Yeah, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is a bit addicting.