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  1. Grasping Low Pressure EGR

    Sounds like soot still being retained albeit at a reduced amount.
  2. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    Impressive gas mileage for a box on wheels
  3. Mopar Begins Selling Wall Charger in Preparation for Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Electric

    That’s not true. Long term it’s better than the path we have been taken. Not going to argue. Neither going to change the others mind. Fact manufacturers are switching all that matters. Problem will solve itself.
  4. Mopar Begins Selling Wall Charger in Preparation for Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Electric

    Future is Green. Why people keep fighting it with every excuse possible is beyond me.
  5. EcoDiesel Petition for 2019 two-door Wranglers

    They already make two door keeps. Not understanding how they lose money dropping a diesel in since it could just be special order.
  6. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Bronco did. Perhaps 2021. All except Sahara. Don’t see the ladies caring for it. LoL Just joking :)
  7. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    I think it would be a hot item if manufacturers of off-road targeted vehicles were offered in LineX both inside and out. FJ had a rubber floor which was easy to keep clean and now Bronco has done the same plus plugs for a good washout.
  8. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    Gas doesn’t go bad? Considering all that corn they now mix with it.
  9. Diesel engine any good?

    Checkout Casey 250 on YouTube on MPG with 37s as well as all things JL diesel.
  10. Wrangler Diesel Engine Questions

    Ordered the BlueDriver.
  11. Wrangler Diesel Engine Questions

    Expensive but can execute a regen. Not sure if compatible with this diesel but something like this would be beneficial for those who’d rather be in control of the process versus hoping it happens enough.
  12. Wrangler Diesel Engine Questions

    I’m researching a Bluetooth OBD2 solution.
  13. Owners Manual and DPF?

    Last I’d want happen is turning the vehicle off before regen ended.
  14. Owners Manual and DPF?

    I want a dummy button that says “Regen On”. Keep It Simple. :)
  15. Owners Manual and DPF?

    This answers one concern for me. The fact I might end my journey before regen has completed because I wasn’t aware regen had commenced. This raises more concerns for my style of driving, unfortunately.
  16. Wrangler Diesel Engine Questions

    Seems we need better diagnostic monitors than provided so we can effectively monitor certain operating conditions. Better to know than guess.
  17. Owners Manual and DPF?

    If regen isn’t communicated to the driver then what happens when regen is stopped prematurely because driver made it to their destination? Starts all over again next drive?
  18. Owners Manual and DPF?

    I was under the assumption that besides a drop in instant fuel economy there was an indication regen commenced to avoid stopping before it ended.
  19. Owners Manual and DPF?

    Seems like driving until regen completes is a smart thing and one of the basic accommodations diesel owners should adopt. That and smiling a lot. :)