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  1. Found solution ... installing Air Force One toad brake - V6

    Nice Solution! I'm trying to install my AF1 now and the vacuum line issue has me stumped with all the twist & turns. Will try this loop method Leon
  2. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    I had the same 275/70/18's put on Monday during the Black Friday Sale at Discount Tire ($100 back) Love the look of my new Punk'n and feels more solid going down the road. Just a tad bit rougher ride since it's a "E" rated tire but very happy with the purchase.
  3. Difference in Mopar lift between 2.0L and 3.6L

    Just curious...... if front of 2.0 would ride high, think it would be enough to take out the front rake to level out the Jeep?
  4. Washington 2019 Rubicon New wheels and tires (5)

    Are these still available? TPMS included?? Thanks Leon
  5. Washington 2019 Rubicon Wheels/tires/tpms sensors

    Are these still available? Thinking of upgrading my stock Sahara wheels and live in Oak Harbor, so just a ferry ride (Pt Townsend-Coupville) away. Thanks, Leon
  6. JL (2DR) 2018 JL Doors, Soft top, Interior and more

    Can you let me know about the wheels you've got. Live close by (Oak Harbor) so would be an easy pickup Looking to upgrade from stock Sahara wheels. Thanks Leon
  7. Black Hardtop Protection

    Thanks for the info. I've got plenty of 303 from using in the motorhome so I'll use that after cleaning it. I've seen so many bad looking RV's from sun/UV damage and don't want that look on my Jeep. Leon
  8. How many miles until your first windshield rock chip?

    It was right at 500 miles here. Brought it to be filled at windshield shop since I attempted the Rain-X fix on my RV and could still see it. Turns out they were no better then my fix..... can still see it. Hopefully some stronger glass will come along for when I eventually do need to replace it.
  9. Black Hardtop Protection

    New Jeep owner and lucky to have found this forum. Learned a lot so far. Was wondering what folks that have the black Freedom Hard top use for protection. Not sure if any of the liquid waxes work or if a product specific to the material used is better. Looking for UV protection to keep from...