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  1. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    Never. For a large vehicle like the Raptor it’s remarkably well designed. With the 4.10 gears and locking rear differential it’s been extremely capable and has covered every incline I’ve attempted. The difference has been more in the setup and approach to the incline. With the rubicon’s short...
  2. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    I have both. Rubicon and Raptor. So far the only thing that would limit the Raptor is its width and turning radius. Most amazing truck I’ve ever driven and this is my second. To describe it would be as follows: - accelerates like a motorcycle - handles like a sports car - rides like a Lincoln -...
  3. Jeep Wave

    Used it on the Grand Cherokee as well as on the Rubicon. Have one more left on the Rubi before the mileage kicks me over the limit. Was a nice little benefit.
  4. Who has their top down?

  5. Advice on Options...

    Decisions.... decisions! I debated many of the same things you’re considering before I bought my Rubicon. I drove 2 doors and 4... manuals and auto... loaded and bare. Ended up with the Rubicon for several reasons. First, I have no intention of rock crawling. I am however a wanderer and...
  6. Virginia Rugged Ridge Tube DOors with Mirrors (Front)

    Just checking. I know it’s an older post but do you still have these available? If so how much?
  7. Has anyone tried to put a small V8 into their Jeep?

    I did but found that the 11.5 oz. fit better in the cup holder than the small ones.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I added Fox Performance Series 2.0 shocks to my JLR. What. A. Difference. Best money spent in a long time.
  9. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I’m never going to give mine the Lite Brite treatment, and not much into heavy crawling, but beaches, mountains, trails, etc. absolutely. You’ll pucker a bit the first few times but it gets better and it’s loads of fun. Mines my daily as well and well suited for both uses.
  10. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    I went with the black MOPAR guards and they’ve been great. You have to line them up with the correct seam, but if you do there should be no issues. So far so good after two years and 23,000 miles....
  11. What's on your Jeep "to do" list?

    - Fox shocks (coming next week) - 35" KO2s when the skins need replaced (late summer most likely) - Raptor style steps/rails when I can find a set for the 2 door that I like - Winch TBD
  12. New Jeeper!

    It is, to a point. You'll quickly learn who to watch and "listen" to, as well as who to skip over. A couple of other quick pointers: - If there's something specific you're interested in, try searching for it first on here and reading the history. It's almost like FAQs on other sites, in many...
  13. These celebrities' Jeeps are downright FUGLY

    Agree completely. Let them do with them what they want. The fact that people are buying them, regardless of what they do to them or how they use them, will keep the manufacturer interested in making them. If Jeeps were only bought by people who intended to use them at their maximum capability...
  14. Body colored fenders or black?

    I like the look of the body color flares on most of the Jeeps I’ve seen. The black plastic just looked cheap to me. Yes, I know they’re going to get scuffed and scraped on trails. At that point I’ll pull them off and Line-x them. Just my thoughts.
  15. Should I change Tires - Show me - JLU Sahara, No Lift

    The cove has several from fairly straightforward to fairly complex. You’d still be able to do well with a stock Sahara. No problem on Peters Mill either. You’ll have a lot of fun...
  16. Should I change Tires - Show me - JLU Sahara, No Lift

    There are actually quite a few, and a relatively short drive from you all. If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, give the Peter's Mill Run a shot. It's a nice drive, and a decent trail, especially for feeling out the new Jeep. You can google it and get all the details, but it's in the...
  17. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    There’s been no issue with the sill guards and door seals to date and they were my first addition after purchasing my Jeep in Aug 2018. I’ve noticed zero water, dust, or visible light intrusion around the door seals and sills so everything appears to be tight. Just turned 21,000 miles and while...
  18. Stickers. Inside? Outside? What does it all mean?

    Only stickers I’ve ever had on a vehicle were stick figure deer that my son got at Bass Pro (yes, like the stick figure family decals people line up on the back windows of their minivans to show how many kids, cats, etc. they have.) Big difference with the deer stickers though was that my son...