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  1. Mopar Beadlocks Installed

    Nice video. The shot of the wild dog/coyote? in the cave was really sweet.
  2. Rusty's Offroad JL 3.75 Advanced Kit

    Great looking family too!
  3. JL Audio Sub Added and... WOW!!!!!!

    Ya @shaunmac your jeep looks great. Please tell us a bit about it like tires, lift, fenders? Update: I found your build thread. Nice.
  4. Keagan's New Toys

    Ya, really nice. The 35" tires look like the perfect size in my eyes.
  5. EAG Matrix Tube Half Doors Review (with Pics)

    The main issue I have with half doors like these is the blank space at the bottom part of the door well. All my beer cans will roll right out the bottom of the doors and, for that matter, any other small item laying around the jeep. I like the look and function of the half doors only when they...
  6. Stock Sahara at Windrock ORP

    Thanks for posting pics of your adventure. I’m always curious how well the JL does in stock form. Looks pretty capable. Looks like you missed the mud!
  7. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    These jeeps with 38s or 40s are just kick ass. I love the look.
  8. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Love it @aerosynch I'm guessing that your have limited flex with 39" and 2.5" lift?
  9. Jeep JL Graphics Kits Proline Wraps

    I like it. Do you have any photos of your wrap on real jeeps? We need actual pics of the wrap on the JL.
  10. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    Back to electrics. I really like the idea and would adopt if I could drive the jeep off-road long term, say a couple of weeks, doesn't seem possible. The hybrid just doesn't fit the jeep in my eyes, though the instant torque would be kick *ss off-road and on-road. I will read the reviews for...
  11. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    May I suggest, being open and listening to other opinions is very healthy for each of us. Differences are what healthy societies are all about. Just quickly blocking someone you disagree with is not a fix. Look around you, listen, people are different and have different views and that's a...
  12. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    Electric is coming and god bless all you young folk that are happy and ready to adopt. I'm old enough that I will miss total adoption and I don't feel that I'm missing this blessed and exciting change from gas to electric. Someday you guys will be flying to Europe on an electric
  13. Another Prodigy Performance JL Stage 2 Turbo

    Hey shit happens learn and keep going. Might was well throw in an LS3 now.
  14. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    I really have nothing against the idea of an electric jeep but not for me. The reason it is not for me is because I am an older, old-school, behind the times dude. If an electric jeep could be "electric fueled" as easily as gasoline/diesel, i'm in! Someday you young smart whippersnappers will...
  15. First sighting of 2020 Jeep JL Wrangler PHEV Plug-In Hybrid!

    An electric jeep just doesn't do anything for me. 32 mile range? Stupid. This system is only added to try and meet fuel mileage requirements. A bunch of junk added complicating the entire jeep for nothing. Internal combustion for ever!
  16. Rear axle shaft availability

    Did you experience an event that caused the flanges to bend?
  17. Procharger Arrived....Install Incoming

    Very cool. I'll be following along during your install.
  18. Poll: Is your steering this loose?

    Your steering looks exactly like all the cars and trucks I grew up driving. The worst was my 1970 F100, really kept you on your toes. I don't think your steering should have that kind of play in a brand new jeep. The one I test drove was tight. You could always sell the jeep and get a...
  19. Punk'n on 37's

    I like your rig. Nice work on the license plate bracket and front camera mount location. Thanks for posting.