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  1. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    I have the Front Runner also. No interference or modification required...
  2. Proximity key mandatory option on Rubicons?

    Side note, if you get one that has it, it’s easy to turn off in the control panel settings if you don’t like it.
  3. Best tire carrier when you have the Mopar HD Hinge option

    Same for me, and in fact EVERY single time I close it, I grab the underside of the tire and lift up as I close it with just enough force for it to latch.
  4. Axle Truss - When/Why would I use one?

    When comparing build costs, don’t forget the value of selling your stock front axle to recoup some costs. My money is going towards an Ultimate 44. I’d love to go the ProRock route, but Dynatrac seems set on taking people back to JK gears and doesn’t have a locker option that will plug into...
  5. What’s the one option you didn’t want, but now glad you have?

    Adaptive Cruise Control. Thought that was a gimmick. It’s a game changer. I LOVE it!!!! You can drive for hours on the freeway, or backcountry roads and never touch the throttle or brakes- from basically a stop (haven’t tried it at a complete stop), to as fast as you can go!
  6. Welder Thread?

    This gets beyond the OP’s desires, but does the 210 have the ability to weld gussets/trusses to an axle? That’s probably the heaviest duty I would subject one to. Have have a Lincoln 100HD and can’t stand the flux core any more. I’m with you, it’s SO MUCH work cleaning off the mess after each weld!
  7. Minimalist (yet complete) tool set

    This isn’t everything I have in my Jeep, but to go along with your desire to have it under the seat. All of this fits in my Altas 46 KOH tool roll and sits under the rear seat on one side. I also have a small tarp, mountain money, a small shovel, and a recovery bag (with snatch strap, shackles...
  8. Best First Aid Kit (Molle Type)

    After spending hundreds of dollars on pre made kits in my lifetime and ending up with an over abundance of low quality bandaids, gauze and alcohol wipes, I only assemble my own kits now. Just buy all the individual ingredients I want and know how to use and an empty first aid bag. I’m way more...
  9. $2500 fair price for gears installed?

    That’s on the high side for Oregon. Shops here seem to range from 1500-2000
  10. Best tire carrier when you have the Mopar HD Hinge option

    I have the Teraflex Alpha with the Mopar reinforcement. It’s now sagging and the tailgate scrapes my JCR bumper as I close it if I don’t lift it as I close.
  11. Metalcloak vs. Artec industries skids for 3.6?

    A Fumoto drain valve will change your life.
  12. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    Could you explain more, preferably with pictures, as to why the trim rings don’t work well with the JL grill?
  13. Lifting with a Quickjack

    Yes, in the spots I mentioned. I was joking that you jack from the bottom of the frame versus the side or top
  14. Axle Truss - When/Why would I use one?

    I like the look of the Artec and the lighter weight versus the EVO. But is 1/8” thick enough? I understand the dimple dies add strength, but still. (I’m no metal or welding expert, which is why I’m asking)
  15. What Gearing Should I Get?

    If you get lockers and gears at the same time, the labor wouldn’t be that high.
  16. Lifting with a Quickjack

    The bottom. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. In front of the rear lower control arm mounts or behind the front LCA mounts is a great spot.
  17. Jeep Beadlocks what's the difference between JL and JK version

    JLs typically have more backspacing than the JKs. 3.5” was common on the JKs. JLs do great with 4.75”
  18. Hot Headliners Smell!

    I let mine sit out of the box and plastic for a day or so, then left my windows down for a night in the shop and didn’t smell them after that. Small price to pay for the quality of the product.
  19. Looking for Rear Bumper with Reverse Sensors AND LEDs...

    My JCR Vanguard full-width causes the sensors to beep randomly, I basically ignore them. But then sometimes they work correctly. It would be great if JCR made some plastic trim pieces that made the sensors sit at 90°. They sit at odd angles and I think that causes the issues.
  20. Should be safe, but comment old.

    Looks fine to me. How long are the screws? I’d probably want at least 3”