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  1. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    We went to Hurricane Pass and back on a commercial rig. Seemed doable in a JL Sport. Nice ride beautiful scenery and good place for lunch.
  2. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    What are your favorite trails in Ouray? We were thinking about going back in September but it would be our first Jeeping venture. 18JL Sport no upgrades.
  3. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Wife and I grew up in MI the last 12 years before we left, we lived in Traverse City until we moved to ID, FL and now TN. We like to go back in the summer in our RV, but winters, no thanks.
  4. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Lightweight stuff but about all you get in east TN without paying to go to a rough and tumble commercial trail system which sort seems like paying to get laid. 18JL

    Cherokee National Forest in SW TN. Stock Sport gets it done.
  6. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Our JL is sort of a weenie. Would really like to give it some personality and capability!!
  7. Firearm and knife collectors

    We visited Wild West guns in Anchorage where I talked with James West and Family. Their claim to fame is the Co-Pilot. A break down 45-70.
  8. Firearm and knife collectors

    I would have brought the Shockwave but it was just at the length limit and didn't want to leave it behind of have it confiscated.
  9. Firearm and knife collectors

    We went to Alaska via Canada last Summer. Wanted a firearm for "protection" from "wildlife". The most Canadian acceptable items are lever or bolt rifles, or shotguns. None include anything of the semiauto variety. I elected to bring a 12 gauge pump shotgun of acceptable length with a LED light...
  10. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    This should explain it. The shackle is where the safety cable is connected in this pic. I didn't like the cable going into the Maximus the opening was just a bit small or the cable connector was a bit too robust depending on the POV. It was just a bit of a PIA to hookup/took too much time.
  11. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    East TN, Loudon County. Tellico Lake. We try to be gone at least six months of the year. 2-3, 2 month trips. Definitely no plans full timing for us, we like our sticks and bricks. A place to regroup and actually our back yard is nicer than most campgrounds. 30 miles to the Smokies and Cumberlands.
  12. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    You can make this work with a bit of finagling. The hook doesn't make it all the way to its thickest point. The problem is getting the spring loaded clip to clear and close. I took a grinder and did a little reforming of the clip so it will clear and close. Ultimately though I went to bow...

    18 Granite towed vehicle. Jekyll And Amelia Islands. Fernandina Beach.
  14. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    RVi3 Braking System. When I purchase the JL no one had any experience with the Stay N Play and it was beyond what I wanted to take on. It's also transportable. We tow about 50% of the time and so far the RVi has worked well. The dash mounted tablet displays how much braking force is being...
  15. Looking for this carrier assist

    I have an inflatable boat I want to transport short distances without deflating. This might work or I could modifiy it. Still looking for a rack system for a 2 door JL softop. Haven't found anything yet. Anyone recognize this and the vendor?
  16. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    How did that work out??
  17. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Certainly no problems with the RVi3 towing our 18JL Wrangler behind a Winnebago Class C Mercedes Benz TD Sprinter. Our Mountains have been limited to the Smokies and Cumberlands thus far.
  18. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Great news. Would like to see installation details. We now offer our Adventure Rack for the JL 2 Door: Best Regards, Ron Garvin [email protected] Ph: (619)440-7415 On Jun 29, 2019, at 12:20 PM, General Info...