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  1. Oil Change Requirements

    You know, I honestly never even thought to do that. I appreciate you reminding me we have one of those and to use it as a resource.
  2. Oil Change Requirements

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but want to be sure I maintain the 2.0 properly. First oil change since purchasing CPO. Does the '19 JLUS need full synthetic? Anyone know the code (5W30 or whatever it may be)? Much appreciated.
  3. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    sadly no skid on the BAM purchase but yeah, cheapest Mopar you’ll get brand new otherwise.
  4. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    Honestly, I'm probably one of the least handy people in this forum and I've managed to come within a few bolts of removing the stock bumper myself. Understand if you just don't want to deal with it, but if you do want to save a few bucks, I truly believe you could knock it out on your own. To...
  5. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    Unfortunately, the seller did not answer my question regarding whether this is any different than the listing you've all been discussing that is known to be from China. Although he's listed as based in CA, there seemed to be some English translation errors (pluralization where not needed), so my...
  6. Rubicon Need help w/my light set up on my 18 Rubicon JL

    Hi! For what it’s worth, I have the MXB 2nd gen sequentials on my Sahara. Here’s what they look like. From what I understand, using any type of halo fogs that are “white” will make that a difficult match just because of the way they design and manufacture the lights. It’s been explained to me...
  7. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    That's true. I'm only seeking the front bumper and this seller is at least based in the US. If they're the same product, I'd much prefer to buy US. Might reach out to them and ask what the differences are, where they're made, etc. Will post if I receive any type of valuable information.
  8. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    Does anybody know if there is any difference between the linked front bumper and this one...
  9. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    I was just able to add to my cart. Maybe they updated stock overnight?
  10. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    Yeah was doing bad math in my head there. Anyone know if the front bumper is also cheaper or just the set?
  11. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

    I’m not sure used OEM is going to be significantly cheaper..
  12. Connecticut Mopar Stock LED Tails

    Update: no longer in the market for steel bumper trade. Price reduction on the lights to $425. Will list locally elsewhere if forum members are not interested, just wanted to give first shot to you all.
  13. Connecticut Mopar Stock LED Tails

    Hi all, I have LED Mopar tail light take-offs for sale. Please note they do not come with the brackets; I used them on my replacement ORACLE tails. For those with stock halogens without a Tazer or desire for dealer flash, I do still have the set of load equalizers that came on the ORACLE tails...
  14. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Wondering this too--apologies if I missed the response, this is a long thread
  15. Georgia Mopar Black Twill Premium Soft Top 2018-2020 JL unlimited

    How much are you asking and are you willing to ship?
  16. Rubi Steel Bumper (ebay knock-off)

  17. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    These are really cool. Seems the W component is the true white the Oculus should have had from the start. Glad you listened to customers and changed that.
  18. Fender Vent Mods/Options

    Yep, I'm big on the cargo light. I'm probably more likely to buy that unit than the side marker lights, but I'll definitely give the latter some consideration. Big fan of ORACLE's products. Have their Oculus head lights, fogs, and black series tails already.
  19. Fender Vent Mods/Options

    These look great. Thanks Dave!