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  1. 2.0 or 3.6? Canceling diesel build

    I got the 2L eTorque, have over 11k miles, no issues, love how peppy it is, works great on hi way as well as on the trails. Impressed with the low end torque when climbing hills or rocks. I wanted to try the 2L and after the test drive I was sold. Try all three engines and pick the one that’s...
  2. Temperature reads 41 degrees

    Me too, I get the 41 degrees often, eventually it corrects itself.. interesting that we see that same specific number.
  3. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    It was for a small service, they didn’t charge for labor but did charge for parts $80 bucks or so. Haven’t been back to them since
  4. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    Never had any problems with wheels and tires being stolen while parked while off road, left my Jeep at a 4x4 shop recently for service and they left my Jeep outside over night and the tires and wheels were stolen.. Will never know if I had wheel locks if that would have stopped them, but a $50...
  5. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Bet an old Blazer has the plate Rubicon, so I got Rubycon for my 2003 TJR, and it’s now on my JLUR
  6. Steering Damper recall 2018

    Experienced the death wobble a couple of time and put a Nexus 2.2 stabilizer on and nothing since. Should have asked Jeep for the replacement and try and sell it...oh well
  7. Which bumper is better in your opinion?

    I have the Red Rock stubby bumper and like it a lot, plus it accepts the factory fog lights, prefer the stubby as I seem to always bend the full length bumpers ends...
  8. anyone with 6K miles and zero problems

    9K miles, no issues...2L works great. Just added 2.5” lift and 35’s, don’t anticipate any issues because of tires and lift. Only on pavement to get to dirt....
  9. Is Tailgate Reinforcement Needed?

    For security issues I added the Teraflex spare tire mount, after I went to 35” tires, wheel plus tire is 91 lbs. I do go off road several days a week and wanted a little extra insurance.
  10. Gas mileage when lifted with 35s?

    Front bumper is red rock stubby bumper, warn VR10, vision fury wheels 24 lbs each, Teraflex spare tire carrier, Falcon 3.3 shocks, Nexus 2.2 steering stabilizer. On hi way 23, off road 16-18, depending on the terrain..
  11. Gas mileage when lifted with 35s?

    I’m getting around 20 on pavement, 488s with 35/12.5/17 MT/Rs and the 2L e torque. Haven’t been off road yet, breaking in the new gears...
  12. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I keep hearing “it’s pretty”....I’ll take that
  13. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Third time is a charm: CJ TJ JL
  14. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Was driving a VW Baja Bug (long time ago) my mechanic said buy a 4X4, I saw this Blue CJ 7 in back of the dealers lot, it all started there....
  15. TeraFlex 2.5 w/3.3 falcon shock opinion/review

    That is exactly what my 4X4 shop is recommending for my JLUR. Especially for the adjustability of the shocks and one can fit 35’s or 37’s.
  16. Show her pictures of your JL's winch!

    I’m a Warn guy, put an 8000 lb Warn winch on my CJ7 in 1980, sold it on my 03 TJR, in June and it never failed me. A Warn VR 10 is on my JLUR. Put a Warn 8k on my 2007 FJ Cruiser, it now is on my 2014 FJ, never an issue..
  17. Arizona 2019 Rubicon Wheels $300

    Price changed to $200, shipping to the East part of the country is $300+ One is new other four have 6150 miles on them. Lug nuts and locking lug nuts included, no TPMS. Used both on and off road. See pictures. Prefer to sell in the Phx area, but will ship at your expense.
  18. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    When I ordered it, appeared to be blue, and I wanted a blue one that looked like my first Jeep a CJ 7, at the dealership they pulled up with a green one, then it appeared blue/teal, I said I’ll take her! Love the color when outdoors and in my garage and when it looks teal, still growing on me...
  19. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    It’s a Chesapeake Bay Retreiver
  20. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    My TJ (03) was great on dirt or rocks but not fun on pavement, time for an upgrade and will share time with my JLUR and FJ Cruiser-TTUE. This will help keep the mileage lower on both.