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  1. My Daughters first trail ride

    Trail conversations with Toyota people can be entertaining. I was bumbling down this rough rock garden of a trail when a Taco appeared coming in the opposite direction, pushing its limits. Judging from how he stopped dead in his tracks right after I came into view I'm pretty sure he was...
  2. Worst Gas Milage than a Ford Expedition

    You drafted a semi the whole way, didn't you. Not an insult, it's a very effective Jeep MPG booster.
  3. Oaky, you answered the duck question, but WTF is this about?

    He was also in the habit of putting his sandals right were the easter egg is when he took them off. It's totally a homage/joke easter egg. One of many on the JL.
  4. Look what I found

    Never mind the aesthetic elements. OMG, the dual hi-lift jacks! Both with the mechanism right in the front tire spray and not even a mudflap to protect them. A bumper with no hi-lift jack points and thin step rails. I'd bet there are zero hi-lift accessories stored in that vehicle. Chances of...
  5. Dusy-Ershim vs 3.0 + 1 Jerry can (20L)

    That's what I was saying. But nobody ever complained that they brought an extra jerry can of fuel. It's good for ease of mind and the unexpected.
  6. Dusy-Ershim vs 3.0 + 1 Jerry can (20L)

    OP had a JK 2-door.
  7. Clever Interior Storage? — MaxTrax MKii

    They're 45" long. That's going to extend from the rear to a couple inches forward of the front seat headrests. The only way you'll do it is to hang them right down the center and make your rear view mirror useless. Not only would that be awkward for a permanent storage location, once you use...
  8. Thinking of selling my '23 JLUR 4XE w/Mods - Price suggestions?

    Even if you sell in a private sale and find that unicorn of a buyer who thinks it's perfect and is willing to pay for it, the bank won't see enough value in it to grant them a loan. You will have to find a cash buyer unicorn. They're few and far between.
  9. The Replacement Jeep after the burning

    Well, I did say I'm glad you're okay at the time. Looks like you're more than okay. Fire? ...Upgrade!
  10. Dusy-Ershim vs 3.0 + 1 Jerry can (20L)

    No experience with this trail beyond the Trails Offroad guide but very familiar with fuel management and range anxiety in Utah. Your JLU's tank is 4 gallons larger than your JK, almost the amount you carried in your JK + Jerry Can. The JL also gets surprisingly decent MPG in 4LO over rough...
  11. Aux Batt Died - Replaced it - Both Died - HELP

    I think the eTorque also uses the eTorque battery to start as the eTorque motor is the same assist motor/regenetive generator the 4xe has (but eTorque doesn't have the larger 2nd motor of the 4xe that permits EV only use). Not 100% sure though, I never had a need to deep-dive into an eTorque JL...
  12. 2.0T etorque ess issues

    Get that 12v AGM checked. If it's the original battery it's at the end of its lifespan. Probably what lit up your dash in the first place.
  13. Do you like the "Black-out" look on your Wrangler?

    With a license plate like that, I bet you feel right at home in that sizzling hot thing! 🤣
  14. Do you like the "Black-out" look on your Wrangler?

    Come to the sunny SW desert and tell me if you still like the blacked out look. 🤣 And everyone knows the trivia question is Henry Ford, in reference to the Model T.
  15. Dashboard Warning Lights Periodically All Going Off

    I 2nd the canbus block. What you have is a communications issue. Assuming your Jeep isn't on fire it's highly unlikely for all those codes to be accurate. Since you addressed the batteries we can likely rule out insufficient power. That just leaves canbus or damaged wiring. Since you just had a...
  16. Aux Batt Died - Replaced it - Both Died - HELP

    I doubt that's correct because the 4xe doesn't have a 12v starter. The ICE is started via one of the two electric motors that powers the Jeep in EV mode and regeneratively charges the 4xe battery, which in turn charges the 12v battery via a DC-to-DC charger. Powering the starter motor is the...
  17. Tailgate weight limits

    I'm pretty sure the "legs" under the straps has a flat bottom. That's more than enough "contact patch" to support the weight of the rack without damaging the tire. The pieces of metal along side the strap would only secure it front to back and aren't putting much pressure on the tire.
  18. Tailgate weight limits

    The JL tailgate is made of significantly thicker and stronger metal than the JK. That's the one that had tailgate bending problems that really needed reinforcement. I'm actually not as concerned with the weight as I am with the pieces of sheet metal going into the tire at each side. Constantly...
  19. Seat won't fold back? Apparently, that's a $2000 repair!

    Yes! It sucked. Would NOT recommend!
  20. Aux Batt Died - Replaced it - Both Died - HELP

    The batteries are not separated during cold starts. This can be easily observed by disconnecting the Main terminals and attempting to start. It will start, albeit with only the CCA of the Aux. The IBS does more than just instruct the ECB to disable ESS when failing batteries are detected. ESS...