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  1. Post search SUCKS!!!!

    Is there any way to add a feature to sort your posts by date so finding older posts is easier. Right now you have to click to page 25 then "add more" and for me that ... a few. @JAY Ill be good for a bit please
  2. What does this thingy do?

    Never seen one in any of the BMWs Ive driven.
  3. stuck conversation notification

    Had a 1 counter on my notifications for a bit now and no conversations are there
  4. Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Club Invasion

    Anyone going to be in town this week? My old man will be getting in on either Sunday or Monday and Ill be up there on Tuesday night and we plan to hit Windrock Wednesday. Looking for some possible other Jeepers to get a group together.
  5. Can we cut this piece off?

    So Ive been looking to put a platform across behind the front seats and with the soft top the door surround extends over the front hardtop bolt hole. Has anyone just lopped it off? Or would I be better off making some bracket that may go underneath it and run the platform between the plastic.
  6. North Carolina Sold: OEM Rubicon LED Turnsignal/DRL Lamps

    I have my take off OEM lights from doing the fender chop. Lights have ~6000 miles on them and came off a 23 Rubicon. The hardware from removing the fenders included. Looking for $350 shipped obo. Local pickup around Charlotte for $300obo.
  7. Trash in the bead?

    Is it just me or are these wheels more susceptible to trash in the bead? I ran 8 years on my Xterra down to ~12psi and never once had issues with sand/mud causing a leak around the rim. In 5k miles I have 2 that leak around it.
  8. What do you find to be the strongest phone holder

    Got the CMM Offroad mirrors with the 1" ball and now looking for a holder for my phone and obviously dont want it to go flying out with the doors off. Have yall found that the squeeze style is enough to keep your phone in place even in super bouncy rocks/roads? Or should I look more at the ram...
  9. Painted Jeep Emblems

    So I wanted to change up my emblems cause I didnt like the Rubicon Red with the Sarge Green and going with Bronze accent colors on the exterior. There are a few companies out there that you can buy these pre done but working in a body shop and access to a painter I figured I would see what I...
  10. DIY 2 Door Storage Plate System

    With the rear seat always out the holes where it clamps down are good places for broken pup ankles, and we wanted to start a base for building a drawer system off of and put a place for the dogs higher. Took a few weeks of googling but finally ran across the solution that was in my mind...
  11. Rear Storage Decks how have you secured them?

    Picked up some plywood and going to make a little deck in front of the wheel wells and was wondering how yall secured yours. I was hoping for some sort of clamp around the rear seat hoops but running into issues finding the clamp I want. Saw someone use zipties which I guess would work but not...
  12. Rear bumpers, stubby or full length?

    I will be getting a stubby front for help with rock clearances; but does this matter in the rear? I like the look of the minimalist rears from Rustys and Cavfab and will probably go that way, but does a full length add any protection that I shouldnt overlook?
  13. Soft top crew I have a very important question - where to place stickers?

    Where do you put your stickers? I have a few that I never put on my old Xterra knowing it was short for this world. Im not sure about applying them to the plastic windows and leaning towards the rollcage in the back but not too happy with that. Not a big fan of putting them on the body but that...
  14. Roam Offroad out of business?

    Sent an email a few days ago and no reply. I found a few threads asking similar questions before but no real answers. Anyone know if they are gone? Really like their front bumper and sliders but cant seem to get a hold of them.
  15. delete me please so Opus kills a puppy

    He seems to get off on it