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  1. 2024 Rubi steel bumpers now $0?

    Here’s a weird one on the configurator.
  2. Tuscadero is Back for 2024

    It was too good to keep in the vault. $895 this time around. Ordering is open.
  3. Does anybody know what the optional tires are on the 2024 Willys?

    Thanks in advance. Jeep is, as usual, no help.
  4. Jeep *lowers* Grand Cherokee prices. Wrangler next?

    Like the saying goes: That which can’t go on forever, won’t. Jeep has been greedy af these past few years. Now look at what they have to do. https://www.autoblog.com/2024/02/13/those-2024-jeep-grand-cherokee-prices-that-went-up-theyve-now-dropped-by-as-much-as-4000/ The discounts outlined in...
  5. I ❤️ My JL

    I’m a couple strong margaritas to the wind at the moment (Jimmy Buffett RIP), so this is probably a good time to say how much I love my JL. The world is pretty jacked right now, but it’s pretty badass that you can still drive a rig with two stick axles, a removable top, great engine and...
  6. Roof crap effect on fuel economy

    Car & Driver found that installing unloaded crossbars on a Kia minivan resulted in a 12% decrease in fuel economy. ? https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a42596866/tested-roof-rails-affect-gas-mileage/ TBH, I’ surprised that the mere presence of crossbars would make that much of a difference...
  7. 2023 Wrangler Rubicon 20th Anniversary Edition First Drive Media Review @ Moab

    https://www.autoblog.com/2023/04/19/2023-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-20th-anniversary-edition-first-drive/ When Jeep invited us to Moab to check this out, I was admittedly skeptical. What’s the story here? Seatbelts and decimal places? But the prospect of trying out the AEV package was too juicy to...
  8. ? Reddit thinks ducking is for swingers

    From the Department of Unexpected Developments… Linky. I am sorry to inform them that a duck is just a duck. If you received one from me and took it as an “invitation” then you’re gonna be disappointed.
  9. FIXED: 2.0 NOT available with a 6MT.

    EDIT: Looks Iike this was a typo in the original press release. Jeep has since corrected it on their website. NEW LANGUAGE: The advanced 4xe lineup, high-performance Rubicon 392 and 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 engine come exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission, while the...
  10. Let’s discuss the great new 2024 Willys

    Well, well, well. The 2024 Willys suddenly looks like a damn nice package. Full disclosure: I’ve always been a Rubicon guy. I’ve owned four Jeeps, and three of them have been Rubis. However, with all the new features and the full float axles, the 2024 Rubicon looks like it’s going to be...
  11. OFFICIAL: First Pics of 2024 JL Refresh (Willys gets Rear Locker!)

    See: Introducing the 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift With Updates & Upgrades!
  12. Is Dark Harbor Blue going to be a new JL color? (POLL included)

    At EJS this year, Jeep showed the 4xe Departure concept. It is painted in a color called Dark Harbor Blue. EJS often previews new JL colors. What do you think of Dark Harbor?
  13. Official: Jeep kills the Cherokee

    https://www.autoblog.com/2023/03/23/jeep-cherokee-discontinued/ No huge loss IMO, but it would have been nice if Jeep had developed the Cherokee into something cool.
  14. Disaster in Broncoland: No hard tops, 35s, or Lux package for you!

    Ford's Big Bronco Adventure continues to be an absolute train wreck. Order-holders were just informed that they CANNOT get a hard top, the Sasquatch package (35s, lockers), or the Lux package. Their only options are to downgrade their order and take $2,500, buy a different Ford and take...
  15. Is anyone answering emails at Jeep Badge of Honor?

    I’ve been waiting on a BoH hard badge since June. In the app, It just shows as “Requested” in the app. I have sent a couple of (very polite) emails to [email protected] inquire about this, but have been met with stony silence. It’s almost like there’s no one monitoring their email...
  16. “Unique” way to carry kayaks on a Jeep

    I don’t want to be there when this guy gets up to interstate speeds. ?
  17. Would you rock a “Paint Chip Wrap”?

    Now available on the Challenger. Would you rock this wrap on your JL?
  18. Did we know that Amazon has an Official Jeep Gear Store?

    It's just t-shirts, hoodies, and the like, but there are some nice designs. And with free shipping, makes for an easy impulse buy. Mrs. VonJeep will not be pleased. https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jeep/page/609D58A2-2247-41C9-A1EE-BFF1F04E5F5B
  19. Death Valley Flood Damage

    Good video showing how extensive the recent flood damage in DV is. The place really got wrecked. :brokenhearted: