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  1. New York JLU J Tops Mesh Sunshade

    Looks like the center port is present. Hope this helps.
  2. New York JLU J Tops Mesh Sunshade

    Sorry for the late response. Are you still interested? If so, what cutouts are you referring to.
  3. New York 2022 Willys Hood in Granite - Perfect!

    Hello everyone. I changed the hood on my 2022 Willys, so I’m trying to sell my “Granite Crystal” stock hood. It’s in perfect shape with no dents, dings or scratches. I do have the stock hood hinges, but it does not come with the washer fluid nozzles/windshield bumpers. Let me know if you have...
  4. New York Sold: Freedom Panels Storage Bag

    Hello everyone, I’m selling a used but in great condition Freedom Panels Storage bag. Asking $50. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures. Thanks, Mike
  5. New York Sold: JLU J Tops Mesh Sunshade

    Hello everyone. I’m selling a used but in great condition “J Tops” Sunshade for a JLU Wrangler that will fit any trim line (Rubicon, Sahara, Sport). Im asking $100. Let me know if you would like any additional pictures. Thanks, Mike
  6. New York Sold: JLU Premium Soft Top with Window Case

    Hello everyone. I’m selling a used, but in great condition Premium Twill Soft Top with tinted windows for a 2018 to 2024 JLU Wrangler. The top is complete with all necessary hardware and brackets and also comes with the window carrying case. I’m asking $1000, but I’m negotiable and open to...
  7. Rubicon rear steel bumper on Sahara

    I just put the Mojave hood on my Willys.
  8. New Jersey Looking for Soft top

    Are you still looking?
  9. Rhode Island Wtb premium soft top 4door

    Still looking?
  10. Pennsylvania MOPAR Steel Front Bumper - '20 Rubi takeoff

    Sending a PM. Thank you.
  11. New York Rubicon Hood in Granite

  12. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Hello, Has anyone else with a 2 door experienced the seat rubbing up against the bottom of the B Pilar after doing the drop? Thanks, Mike
  13. Please Delete

    Thank you.
  14. 2021 JL Sahara with 37s?

    You should totally do it, after replacing all of your flares first. Then you can find someone from NY to sell your flares to, pending they are LEDs of course…. ;)
  15. New York Rubicon Hood in Granite

    Hello everyone, Looking to buy a Rubicon hood in Granite grey. If anyone has one or has any leads to one somewhat close to NYC, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mike
  16. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Yeah it’s a great spot to store stuff, but it’s my DD, so I just need random crap in there to prevent me from having random bins sliding around the cargo area. When I’m in need of carrying real gear, I’ll take that box out and put the heavier items in bags for the weekend. Plus, I’d have more...
  17. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    The box itself is made out of 1/2” plywood and only has about 7 pounds of “gym stuff” in it, so I’m hoping the extra weight isn’t too much that it would affect the hinges in a drastic way. Also, I lost 5 pounds when I swapped out the stock tires, so there’s that.
  18. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Built and mounted a simple storage box.
  19. ? Rear Seat Storage Bag Solution - 2 dr. JL or JK ??

    Looks like the original link works and these bags are back in stock.