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  1. Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights - "Amber"

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. I just prefer a slightly more orange-y hue of amber.
  2. Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights - "Amber"

    PM sent.
  3. Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights - "Amber"

    Unfortunately for my eye, there is zero orange hue in these lights - they are decidely yellow.
  4. Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights - "Amber"

    I just received a set of the BD fog lights in Amber but these do not look amber to me at all. They look like a really bright yellow. I contacted BD and they said their Amber color has always been the same. To me, the side marker light is amber. These fog lights are really yellow. Could it just...

    OP, that really blows and sorry for all the headaches you're experiencing during what should have been an epic road trip. And kudos for those stepping up and offering to help.
  6. Rhino Rack vs. Maximus-3

    Having installed both (Maximus-3 on mine and Backbone on friend's), the Backbone was much easier to install. If you like the way it looks over the M-3, I think you'll be fine going this route with regard to any concerns over weight ratings.
  7. 2.0 Oil plug

    On my 2020 JLUR, the "washer" is a part of the drain plug and not a separate piece.
  8. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    I think it's the mostly city driving affecting your mileage. I have the same year, lift and tire size as you do and average about 16-17 mpg on mostly highway driving (70+ mph).
  9. Why is the 2.0 Turbo so noisy?

    I have this also and I concur.
  10. Keep and upgrade my Sahara or trade it in for a Rubicon?

    I think you may already be leaning toward ordering a new Rubicon. This is purely speculation on my part but I think if you decide to keep and upgrade your Sahara, there's always going to be that nagging thought of "I should have gotten the Rubicon" whereas if you were to go the other way, I...
  11. Wrangler 392 Nearly Flips at Moab EJS 2023

    Exactly, and to use another cliche, different strokes for different folks. I don't mind following a mellow trail but if there were no obstacles to go over, I would find that kinda boring...
  12. Lake Tahoe Motorcycle Ride

    There's nothing like a motorcycle road trip! I am very jealous. I would try and visit the Painted Hills in eastern Oregon on your way from Yosemite to Montana. The park itself is beautiful and unusual but the roads around there were a ton of fun to ride.
  13. Pulling U-Haul trailer 1600 miles with 3.6 V6 Wrangler?

    It looks like the empty weight of the 5x8 cargo trailer is 900 lbs. Don't know how much stuff you plan on taking but the maximum load is 1800 lbs so you got 900 lbs to play with. If you have a 4dr, you should have no issues pulling that trailer. Even with a 2dr, it should be fine.

    They should've knocked off the name a little bit also... :bandit:
  15. Done, pics added!! AEV 2.5” RT lift installed!

    Just went outside and checked and mine sit about the same as yours. Have had the lift for about 44k miles now without any issues so I think you/we are ok. :) And I wouldn't worry too much about any measurements now. Get the front installed, measure, drive it around a while, measure again and if...
  16. AEV 2.5 lift with stock Rubicon wheels?

    Yes, you can use the stock Rubicon wheels. I did, myself, before switching to aftermarket.
  17. AEV 2.5 lift with stock Rubicon wheels?

    No, you can't... you need to get some aftermarket wheels that will work. That's the answer you were hoping for, right? :LOL: