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  1. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    I did look at that and the Teraflex but I decided I would prefer to get the tire off the body.
  2. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    In the case of the a bumper with a tire carrier both of them are about the same weight. If I was not going for the integrated tire carrier I do dig the Next Venture and GenRight aluminum offerings.
  3. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    @tjeeper thank you for the update. That bumper looks SWEET on your Jeep booty. I appreciate the feedback on the install. Love the look. @bugnuker my installing shop (Cloakworks 4x4) really likes the LOD and would prefer to install the model I linked above so I will probably go that direction...
  4. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    Thank you for giving feedback and please keep me posted on how everything goes for you.
  5. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    I really like both rear bumpers offerings from Next Venture and LOD and wanted some input from anyone that has experience with either one. Links for reference: https://nextventuremotorsports.com/collections/jeep-wrangler-jl-bumpers/products/jl-rear-bumper-rimrocker-series-with-tire-carrier...
  6. Dash Cam Suggestions

    I installed a Viofo A229Pro in the Jeep last week and the first video came out pretty darn good (and I clearly had Lady Luck on my side).
  7. Thors Lightning Refuge Mount Install

    The one good about location is that it is really simple to remove when not in use. I will not have it there with the top off, that is for sure!
  8. Thors Lightning Refuge Mount Install

    I agree about Angie, she has been great at listening to input and exchanging thoughts.
  9. Thors Lightning Refuge Mount Install

    I spent a few hours installing the Thor's Lightning Total Control bundle that includes their Refuge mount and wiring kit. There were some things I think they should have worked on before sending these kits out, like including longer bolts and improper lug sizes on the wiring kit. I contacted...
  10. New York JLU J Tops Mesh Sunshade

    This is is what he is referring to:
  11. Any lists of recommended products for interior housekeeping/cleaning/protecting ?

    A nice option is Nextzett Cockpit Premium that I really like for cleaning the plastic areas of my interior. https://a.co/d/15NZ548
  12. California Wanted: Premium Uppers for Half Doors

    I have the half doors but would really like the Premium Uppers if someone has a set to sell.
  13. Toplift Pro and JTops

    Thank you for the reply @cjljl2018 ;)
  14. Toplift Pro and JTops

    I am thinking about getting the combination of a JTops for when the top is off and a TopLift Pro to take the top off. Does the JTops block the use of the Toplift or can it slide between the top and the Jtop?
  15. Creeper recommendation?

    I love my Griots Creeper: https://www.griotsgarage.com/cadillac-of-creepers/
  16. Wiring for Compressor

    A little follow up on this thread with a couple of photos. ->Thank you @GtX your suggestion was perfect. ->The wire chase at the firewall does have ample room to add wires. Simple to open by gently lifting the taps with a flat head screwdriver.
  17. Wiring for Compressor

    Thank you for this, super helpful!
  18. Wiring for Compressor

    That might work, the 392 has an ECU bracket on the passenger side that limits the space. however maybe forward of the bracket. I am also going to check for space on the drivers side. Thank you for the input ;)
  19. Wiring for Compressor

    I have a new to me 2021 392 (build thread coming soon) and I need some assistance/guidance/brain power. I purchased the complete Thor's Lightning Compressor / Wiring Kit and want to get the wiring sorted in the engine compartment. My two questions are: They include a resettable fuse that I am...
  20. Favorite Touch Up Paint

    Thank you, checking it out now.