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  1. Pennsylvania Marathon Seat Covers

    Part # 946UG. Dark grey cordura nylon. Used for only a couple of months. Local pickup zip 19454. $125.00 / $150.00 shipped CONUS.
  2. Pennsylvania ARB 37Q Fridge

    Summer bump
  3. Pennsylvania Weathertech JLU Cargo Liner

    When the rear seats are folded down, certain models have a panel that fills the gap. I believe standard with leather seats. That is the load flat floor. Without is typically cloth seat option.
  4. Pennsylvania Weathertech JLU Cargo Liner

    Spring bump
  5. Pennsylvania ARB 37Q Fridge

    Used only a few times. Includes insulated fridge cover. Local pickup zip 19454. $600.00
  6. Gladiator Steelies: How much does one weigh?!

    Paint quality appears better than that on the oem steel wheels. Can you share more details on these wheels.
  7. Pennsylvania Sold: MOPAR Off-road Lighting Mount Brackets

    Mounts lights to the MOPAR winch guard. New in box. $50.00 shipped CONUS. Local pick up south east PA.
  8. BF Goodrich KO2 vs KO3 ?

    I'd love to see more C load options. A 285/75-17 would be perfect.
  9. AEV Wheels x BFG Tires - Wheel & Tire Package??

    You’re not to far from OK4WD. Just have them order you a package and then go there for the install.
  10. Pennsylvania Weathertech JLU Cargo Liner

    Sorry. Unfortunately I can’t ship this due to cost.
  11. Pennsylvania MOPAR Performance Rock Rails

    Christmas bump/price drop.
  12. Pennsylvania Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Had a sale that fell through. Still available.
  13. Pennsylvania MOPAR 7 Inch Off-road Light Kit

    Winch guard is not included. Price is for the lights and mounting brackets.
  14. Pennsylvania MOPAR 7 Inch Off-road Light Kit

    I had them mounted for about a year, so probably around 4000 miles. I traded in the Jeep for a gladiator to tow a new trailer. I would have mounted them on the gladiator because I really liked the brightness and light pattern but the gladiator didn’t come with the switches. I’m going with no aux...
  15. Pennsylvania MOPAR 7 Inch Off-road Light Kit

    Winch guard is not included. This price is for the lights and the brackets need to mount to the guard.
  16. Pennsylvania Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Price drop
  17. Pennsylvania MOPAR Performance Rock Rails

    Cyber Monday bump