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  1. Goal Zero Yeti

    Who uses a Goal Zero Yeti? I just picked up a Yeti 1500X one up for $1483 after tax using a 30% coupon at Cabela's. It looks like it will work good with our Dometic CFX3 DZ75 and make it easy to switch between our vehicles. We usually power the fridge using our Manley ORV trailer with dual...
  2. Switching from AEV Procal Snap to Tazer Lite

    We are currently using the AEV Procal Snap but we were given a NIB Tazer Lite and want to try it out for the TPMS feature. Can I just leave the Procal Harness PN 30301046 installed in case I decide to go back to the AEV if I don't like the Tazer Lite? Do you see anything wrong with this plan...
  3. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    I'm finally getting around to a build thread about a year into my wife's ownership of her first Jeep. She chose to name her Jeep "Warthog" after the vehicle in "Red vs Blue" or RVB. If you are not familiar with the show, here is an exerpt from the episode with the "Warthog"...
  4. Mopar 2.5 Fox shock decal replacement.

    Does anyone know a part number or source for the decal that comes on the Fox shocks in the Mopar 2”lift kit? I need to replace 2 of mine.
  5. Rugged Radios Antenna Mount

    Has anyone installed the Rugged Radios Antenna Mount on their JL yet? https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2759
  6. Gazelle T4 Tent

    Who uses the Gazelle T4 tent when camping? I just got one off of Amazon and the plan is to store it in a Thule Motion XT L roof top storage box on the Mopar rails. Our dog shares the cargo area with the cooler (soon to be fridge) and the back seats are used for the remaining gear. Do you use...
  7. Mopar roof rails with rooftop carrier.

    Who is using a rooftop carrier with Mopar roof rails? I’m looking at a Skybox 16 to carry a Gazelle tent and camping gear. Post pics and details of your setup.
  8. Element Fire Extinguisher location and mounting.

    I am planning on picking up an element fire extinguisher and would like to see how others have mounted theirs.
  9. Maryland WTB Mopar 2” Fox Shocks

    I’m looking for a complete set of the Mopar Fox shocks that come with the Mopar 2” lift. I see many people upgrading from the Mopar lift and was hoping I could find a set of the shocks.
  10. Mopar Accessories JL WINCH MOUNTING KIT Part Number: 293-82215182AC

    My wife bought the Mopar 82215182AC on Black Friday for a great deal (229.99). Has anyone installed this winch plate? I was looking at the install instructions and in steps 12-20 it says to replace the OEM fog light bezel and 5mph bumper stops with larger pieces similar to the steel bumper unit...
  11. AEV JL wheels and 35x12.5-17 tire carrier.

    Is anyone running AEV JL wheels (+25 offset) with 35x12.5-17 tires? My wife just ordered a set of Ridge Grapplers and I was wondering if you were able to use the factory tire carrier and rubber bump stops? Edit: I couldn’t find the answer so we decided to get the Mopar reinforcement and tire...
  12. How do you remove knee panel speaker?

    I want to remove the knee panel speaker on the passenger side to mount a cb control box to the top side and I can’t find a write up on how to do it.
  13. Has anyone installed the Quadratec Extreme Duty CB Antenna Tailgate Mount?

    https://www.quadratec.com/p/quadratec/extreme-duty-stainless-cb-radio-antenna-rear-tailgate-mount-48-antenna-jeep I came across that mount but I can't tell if it could be used with a larger tire like a 35/37 and wanted to see if anyone has one of these mounted with a larger spare tire.
  14. What is your total toe alignment setting at?

    My wife and I are trying to fix the wandering feeling at highway speed. We had the alignment checked and we had 4.8 caster and a total of .21 total toe. We swapped about the control arms for the Mopar 62392798AA control arms to get a bit more caster over the factory 4.8 today (hoping for 5.8)...
  15. Visor Organizer that works with Homelink?

    Has anyone found a good visor organizer that doesn’t block the Homelink buttons, I’m looking for a way to store my parking garage keycard and don’t want to use the center console.