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  1. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    I really like both rear bumpers offerings from Next Venture and LOD and wanted some input from anyone that has experience with either one. Links for reference: https://nextventuremotorsports.com/collections/jeep-wrangler-jl-bumpers/products/jl-rear-bumper-rimrocker-series-with-tire-carrier...
  2. Thors Lightning Refuge Mount Install

    I spent a few hours installing the Thor's Lightning Total Control bundle that includes their Refuge mount and wiring kit. There were some things I think they should have worked on before sending these kits out, like including longer bolts and improper lug sizes on the wiring kit. I contacted...
  3. California Wanted: Premium Uppers for Half Doors

    I have the half doors but would really like the Premium Uppers if someone has a set to sell.
  4. Toplift Pro and JTops

    I am thinking about getting the combination of a JTops for when the top is off and a TopLift Pro to take the top off. Does the JTops block the use of the Toplift or can it slide between the top and the Jtop?
  5. Wiring for Compressor

    I have a new to me 2021 392 (build thread coming soon) and I need some assistance/guidance/brain power. I purchased the complete Thor's Lightning Compressor / Wiring Kit and want to get the wiring sorted in the engine compartment. My two questions are: They include a resettable fuse that I am...
  6. Favorite Touch Up Paint

    I need to touch up a few spots on my Hydro Blue paint (like door hinges). Does anyone have input on going with Mopar or another brand of touch up paint for best results?
  7. Side Markers by Form Lighting or Oracle

    On my last JL I used Diode Dynamics side markers and liked them. I am looking at these other options because I am liking the 3 rows of LEDs. I am wondering if anyone may have tried the Form or Oracle lights and have feedback. Form Lighting...
  8. Dealer Tire Rotation Oddness / Very Short Story

    My wife and I took her Jeep in today for the first service. I followed in my car so we could drop it off and she would not have to wait around. This was of course an oil change and tire rotation. She also asked if there were any software updates available that should be done. The response to her...
  9. California Warn Fairlead and Hook

    After installing our winch we installed a Factor55 Hawse Fairlead and Hook so I would like to get these off to someone that can use them. $45 or best offer including shipping in the ConUS or local pickup in Sacramento
  10. California Sold: FS: 2020 Rubicon Factory LED Fog Lights

    I have a pair of like new factory LED fog lights from our 2020 Rubicon with the steel bumper. We changed them out for KC Hilites and I hate to have them lay around. $140
  11. Navigation system does nothing occasionally

    About 1 out of every 5 times my wife taps the screen to bring up the map, she just gets moving dots without anything moving further. She can still use media and other functions. Has anyone else experienced this and have advice? The only solution so far is to shut down the Jeep and restart.
  12. Sold: Free Like New JL 3.6 Muffler - Sacramento

    Free FREE Free Changed out our exhaust and happy to give this to anyone in the area that would like to pick it up in the Sacramento area. Gently used, only on Sundays to and from church.
  13. California Sold: Free JL 3.6 Exhaust - Sacramento

    Free FREE Free Changed out our exhaust and happy to give this to anyone in the area that would like to pick it up in the Sacramento area. Gently used, only on Sundays to and from church.
  14. Jeeps and Dobermans

    OK these are the people that better show up FOR SURE on this thread: @TMP , @GeorgiaGray (and @Stormin’ Moorman ) , @GeepNee , @footose , @Jeepdude101 and anyone else with a Doberman, post em up.
  15. Chain Saw for the Trail

    This weekend we encountered a heck of a lot of fallen trees on the trail that we had to move, drive around or over. Is there a decent battery powered chain saw that would be good for the trails?
  16. Am. Adventure or Ouback Tailgate Table

    I am liking both the Outback Adventures Tailgate Table: https://outbackadventureproducts.com/product/jl-trailgater-for-2018-wrangler-jl/ And the American Adventure Lab: https://americanadventurelab.com/product/jeep-jl-versatable-tailgate-table/ Does anyone have any impressions of one over the...
  17. Nor Cal Easy and Moderate Trails

    The purpose of this thread is to try and assemble a nice list of trails we can all refer to for pleasant day or weekend trips. This thread is a Wikipost so anyone can add to it. Here is some nuggets to start this going: Near Hwy 36: Peligreen Jeepway - Halfway between Red Bluff and Mt...
  18. Mopar Difference 82215182AB / AC

    I ordered a Mopar winch plate from @Northridge4x4. The sales rep was VERY helpful with locating a Warn Fairlead plate and offered to order the Warn winch plate kit for me at a good price. I just got the invoice for the winch plate this weekend and it says it is 82215182AB. I asked for and did...
  19. Lil' Mrs. Focker's Bright White Build

    Just over two months ago my wife told me she wanted to look at getting a new Jeep Rubicon. We did some checking online and the only one that had all the options she wanted was at a local dealer in Roseville or the next closest would be in Irvine CA. I guess well equipped Rubicons are a little...
  20. California Sold: Complete Stock Rubicon Suspension & Driveshaft

    Installed a Metalcloak lift this week so the stock goodies must go. Includes all the components you see including a stock driveshaft. Located in Sacramento CA $400 or best offer.